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At 2:03am on April 19, 2014, BFHS Network Chief Editor said…

Birthdays are good for you. Statistics show that the people who have the most live the longest... Happy Birthday from the CEO of -if you support black business, then "LIKE US"!!!

We'd like to introduce your newest projects & events to our growing network- LOG IN AND UPDATE your profile at so that we can- REMEMBER THE MORE YOU POST HERE, THE MORE WE SHARE- thanks for being a value member!

At 3:49am on April 19, 2013, BFHS Network Chief Editor said…

Happy Birthday.. here are some tips to help you use @bfhsnetwork a little better to grow your business!!! also be sure to like us on facebook at and follow us on twitter and don't forget to invite your other business associates and connections to come and check us out- here's the link to invite, when you invite at least 10 people your profile might be chosen to be featured for the month- which means more exposure on the homepage and you will receive a free month  thanks!

At 6:08am on November 1, 2012, BFHS Network Chief Editor said…

Remember the more you share with us... the more we share with our entire social audience- we now have over 100K sets of eyes looking at the stuff y'all post... what's new with your business, have any events coming up? Videos? discussions? photos??? Post them today so that we can share them!

At 10:01am on October 1, 2012, BFHS Network Chief Editor said…

Here's a Few tips on how to grow your business FAST with The BFHS Network!

Continue to do good stuff!!!

At 9:17am on February 18, 2011, Antwan Floyd said…
Thanks for the connection request.
At 1:24am on February 16, 2011, Lucius Rouser III said…

peace be unto you.

thanks for reaching out. i extend myself to you with prayers of networking.

At 6:17am on January 6, 2011, Ruth Clements said…
Patrece Myles thank you so much for the invite. Be blessed Ruth Clements
At 9:52am on December 14, 2010, Quaide said…

Hey Patrece,

Thanks for stoppin by. I see your an entrpreneur among other things. That reminds me I have to finish listening to an webinar Mike Dillard put out yesterday. lol I look forward to communicating with you on personal development and learning new skill sets. Take care! - Quaide

At 5:58am on December 14, 2010, Felecia Lastrapes said…

Patreeeeccceee!<---that was me singing your name! You just reminded me that I need to do a blog about the 2d codes for BFHS! But in the mean time, dont hesitate to ask me whatever you need to know-especially if you think it will benefit your business.

At 9:36am on November 19, 2010, Felecia Lastrapes said…
STICKERS! Thats whats new. I've been getting requests for sticker quotes. But I can see how a sticker is an affordable option for merchandise versus printing directly on the merchandise. Need some stickers? lol. Whats new with you?
At 12:41pm on October 21, 2010, BFHS Network Chief Editor said…
I know that was a ah ha moment:)
At 7:19am on October 2, 2010, BFHS Network Chief Editor said…
awesome, I love connections!
At 7:18am on October 2, 2010, BFHS Network Chief Editor said…
You are the #1 Most active member of BFHS Today! you have just recieved another round of being featured and your latest blog post or event featured to the network! Basically our cup of coffee special for free! Thanks
At 3:53pm on October 1, 2010, Valante M. Grant said…
Thanks Patrece! I'm working on a holiday glamour event now. I will be doing alter ego shots then.
At 3:54am on October 1, 2010, BFHS Network Chief Editor said…
awesome- who is it?
At 3:52am on October 1, 2010, BFHS Network Chief Editor said…
lets work on an exact date when this is going to happen!
At 11:48am on September 25, 2010, Dawgelene Sangster said…
Hey Fabulous Woman!

Thanks so much for the friend connection and for commenting on our logo! I am happy to be connected to you and look forward to our networking!
At 7:16am on September 25, 2010, Felecia Lastrapes said…
You're still very much on my mind and the only time I push for a connection is when I'm being obedient to my spirit. I'll leave you alone for just a little while longer *smile*
At 2:35am on September 16, 2010, Anita Perkins said…
Hello sorry about the late respond but as far as t-shirt go to

have a BLESS DAY
At 9:19am on September 15, 2010, BFHS Network Chief Editor said…
working on a local search project now-

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