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Who Do You Love? ...if you're not shining... then I ain't shining... how can I help?

A Double Edged Sword 

Daily we make decisions which can have life-changing consequences but often we don’t see them that way – especially if they affect others, and not ourselves. I guess that’s the human part of us that has a limited capacity to feel empathy or even care when we, ourselves have so much going on. Some things just aren’t real until they become ours.

Think about the last time you heard some bad/sad news from a friend, how did you respond or react? “We’re getting a divorce.” “My child flunked math.” “We decided to get an abortion.” “They fired me from my job because I spoke up to my supervisor.” “My wife gave me a disease.” “I had to file bankruptcy.” “My husband got another woman pregnant.” “He keeps saying he’ll stop hitting me and I have no where else to go.” “My parents can’t take of themselves anymore so I have to do it.” “The doctor said I have 3 months to live.” “They said it was cancer.” “We’re getting evicted tomorrow.”...

Have you ever had someone make a statement like one of those to you? What did you do or think or say? And did you process it or did you say something politically correct and then just move on, trying to erase the memory thinking, “I’m glad it wasn’t me!”?

Well, people go through stuff every single day. And if you haven’t you’ve been extremely isolated – or so self-focused that people don’t even bother to share important things with you.

It’s time to stop being hypocrites and face up to your own challenges as well as those of your friends and neighbors. So many bad things are happening and there is too much hate. The difference is that people are becoming more and more bold in sharing their positions. Well, we must become more and more bold in being the best person(s) we were designed to be.

Stop holding in and isolating your pain, confusion, snobbery, arrogance or lack of esteem. Stop only thinking about yourself. Think about the consequences of your behavior. If you cheat, lie, mislead, avoid or leave, your actions or attitudes may crush the spirit of those who have been in your corner. The stakes are too high.

If you are not shining, we are all missing the benefits of who you are and why you are here. We are interwoven whether we acknowledge it or not. It’s time to take back our lives, our finances, our careers, our families and our societies. This country was built on belief in God and with hard work and determination. There are daily reminders of where we have been and there are daily bread crumbs to lead us to where we can be.

Get off your butt and get into your head and heart. We need the best of who you are, right now. Make a call, correct a child, offer a ride, listen to a story, speak up when you see wrong, be open to love, resist hate, get out of your ego, claim your confidence and get on your knees regularly.

You are brilliant. This season we all have a chance to wrap it up nicely and to start off preparedly. What are you going to do? Who do you love and how do you show it? 


There are people in this world waiting on you. You are brilliant. #Be Inspired

From my heart,

Jo Lena Johnson, Be Inspired!

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