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#TBT @For_The_Masses: Weekly Recap in Rants: The Elementary School Shooting

Here is my weekly recap in rants, based on the horrific events that occurred this week:


Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting First Reported By the Media

We all are quite aware by now, of the tragic events that occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newton, Connecticut. I remember when the news first broke, it was downplayed in the media that a teacher was wounded, and the gunman was killed. My first thoughts were here we go again, an ex-husband or boyfriend attempted to kill his wife or girlfriend, who works at the school. Then the news trickled out to my horror that 20 1st graders were killed alongside 6 adults. I was stunned at what was being reported across my television screen. I would be lying if I said, I did not get emotional at the news of such innocent babies being killed. I am still emotional about these events, even more so now that I see pictures that go with their names. Their beautiful little faces make me think of my little nieces, nephews, and God children. The more details come out, the more that my heart breaks into little pieces. It is even hard to write about this because this is having an effect on my soul.

The Media's Role in Describing The Killer

Now that, we know Adam Lanza is the man who targeted and murdered women and children, the media began to spin the way they are covering him. I hear reports that Lanza was so brilliant, but yet troubled. What is so brilliant about a man who murdered 1st graders and teachers? Nothing is brilliant about that, but the words used to describe Lanza are even more troubling by the media and people who knew him. Whatever brilliancy that he had, before he went on this rampage is all null and void, because his horrific actions no longer requires that he receives any positive praise.

Lanza is no different from domestic terrorist Timothy McVeigh who blew up a federal building, which causalities included children in day care. The word, terrorist needs to be used to describe Lanza. The media will never use that word when describing him, because once again, the “white” media dictates what they want to impede in people’s minds. When whites commit heinous crimes of this nature, the first words that the media uses, is "mental illness". When Black or Latinos are being violent (most notably in Chicago) they are called; “gang bangers”, “thugs”, or even "animals". When someone of a Middle Eastern descent decides to be involved in horrific crimes they are called “terrorist”.  We humanize whites when they do something horrific and demonized Blacks, Latinos, and individuals of Middle-Eastern descent. Just imagine if the killer was Black, mental illness would not be used to describe him, a outcry for a public lynching would be aired out by the media.

The media attempts to brain wash the masses, and want their viewers to give them some rationale as to why Lanza elected to invoke violence against helpless children and women at an elementary school. Lanza is nothing more than a coward that hid behind his automatic weapon.  Guys like Lanza and the shooter in Colorado always fits the description of that skinny wimpy kid who did not have many friends, and were socially awkward. They felt powerful and important in their minds, by grabbing an automatic weapon and terrorizing people.


But..But..He has Mental Illness

I had the painstaking task of reading constant social networking updates, with the excuses that these shooters that go on these rampages have mental illness. Here are some quick facts:

An estimated 26.2 percent of Americans ages 18 and older — about one in four adults — suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder in a given year.

If 26.2% of Americans who are over the age of 18 suffer from mental disorder, how come we are not seeing rampages of this nature every single day?  We are constantly stigmatizing people with mental health issues, by throwing that word around when someone (white men) decides to commit mass murder, aka terrorism.  I’m no longer buying it, nor accepting it. It is a combination of issues that are causing people like Lanza to lash out at innocent people. Lanza's mother took him to the gun range, and they used to practice together. I’m sure his mother knew he had mental deficiencies. Why would Lanza's mother allow her son to have a relationship with guns, and to be able to have access to them, is beyond me. Those same guns that he used were legally registered to his mother and subsequently used against her. We need to stop using mental illness as the sole excuse as to why people decided to commit these crimes, it is a combination of reasons. We still are not aware on how Lanza's child hood was growing up, was he bullied, abused, etc.

When Black and Latinos commit crimes, we blame the cause on hip-hop, one single parent family, drugs, gangs, etc. How come Black and Latinos never get the mental illness excuse in the media? I see what's going on here...

Gun Lovers and the NRA

I also had to read and hear from the gun lovers who are saying, this tragedy will not stop me from practicing my 2nd amendment right to bear arms. As many people are quite aware, I am a supporter of the 2nd amendment, and believe citizens should be able to obtain guns, but not all citizens.

Gun control in this country must be addressed. We cannot simply go to a Walmart down-south and be able to obtain weapons with just a brief back ground check. To obtain a gun should take several months of an investigation conducted by the local police department. NYC has one of the toughest gun laws in the nation and that model should be followed all across the board. I believe an investigation on the individual who wants to obtain a permit should be conducted, which includes talking to neighbors, co-workers, friends, and following up with other people who have been in contact with the applicant. A psychological examination should also be part of the investigation process (written and oral). It is way too easy for people to obtain guns in this country, especially when the person trying to obtain it, is not fit.

Lanza used the guns that were legally obtained by his mother. Allegedly his mother told her friends she needed it for protection. If one needs an arsenal like that, they must be seeking protection from a team of assassins from the Bourne Identity series. For a town who claims this “does not happen here”, why would weaponry of that nature be in that household?  If all accounts are accurate, this coward used a Bushmaster .222 Rifle to pull of this crime.  Not saying, he would not have found a way to obtain these guns, but it becomes relatively easy, when they are right there in the home.

Gun enthusiasts have no right to tell us to be silent on gun control. A full automatic weapon ban should be passed through Congress, the Senate and signed by the President. Why does a citizen need an automatic assault rifle in the first place? If one is not law enforcement or the military that weapon should never be placed in their hands. One handgun per citizen should be the limit. So therefore, gun junkies, I believe one should be able to obtain a gun, but if one cannot pass these requirements then a water pistol will be your only weapon of choice.

Lastly, obtaining body armor in this country should also be restricted to those in law enforcement, in the military, or practicing body guard work. Regular citizens should not be able to acquire body armor, and in this case, Lanza was wearing it.

Obama & Congress on Gun Control & Mental Health

If this does not wake up this administration and Congress to act on gun control, then all is lost. The government has a responsibility now to act. They have a responsibility as elected officials to include laws that will ban assault weapons, body armor, and limit the amount of guns citizens are allowed to own. Assault weapons should not be in the hands of civilians whatsoever. . A member of Congress was shot in the head, and still nothing was done. This was before the massacre in Colorado, where the gunman also had an assault rifle. Enough with the speeches, I’m tired of it and so are the rest of the nation who supports gun control.

Let's face reality, so many minorities are being killed in these streets by guns; in Chicago, Detroit, LA, NYC, etc. and we only hear a whisper concerning gun control as it relates to the urban communities, from our politicians - only those who really care. Again, I see whats going on here...

As far as mental health is concerned, more funding should be implemented to address this issue in this country. Over 25 percent have mental illness and many of them are not getting the proper health care that they need. Once a person becomes an adult it is hard to force them to seek help, that needs to change. Again, our government needs to act, if you support gun control and mental health care then write your local representatives. If your representative, whether they are in the Senate, or Congress refuses to act, make sure one remembers that the next time they are seeking re-election.

The Children and the Heroes – the Teachers

As for teachers who sacrifice their lives to keep their children safe they are heroes. We heard the stories of the actions of these incredible women who did their best to ensure that causalities would be minimized. Many of them sacrifice their own lives to ensure that their children, whom I sure they loved were protected that day.

The 20 babies that were killed now have a permanent job as Angels in heaven. But I still cannot come to grips with the fact; we will never know if these 20 beautiful children would have made a contribution to society and changed the world. But then I thought about it, and have come to the understanding that they did change the world – and now it is up to us to act. Rest in peace…

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-Ms Scripter

Just blogging for the masses, ya dig?

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