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Two Things that were said to me as a child that have stuck... that maybe you can use too for YOUR business growth!

Two Things that were said to me as a child that have stuck... that maybe you can use too for your business growth!

1. My mom said:Ryan, you always have to do a little more because if you and a white a person are going for the same job- and have the same qualifications - THEY WILL GET THE JOB!!! although she forgets sometimes that she told me that... because she used to tell me before going on interviews when I was actually going on them- TRY NOT TO ACT LIKE YOU OWN THE PLACE!!!

2. AND my Grandfather also told me:If someone else can do it.. so can you, so basica

lly, I have never seen anything that I couldn't do or become, if I wanted to... Case in Point- back in high school, I was elected President of D.E.C.A. (distribution education clubs of america) and you know I was damn near the only colored, negro, black - but my actions speak louder than my words- and won that election by a landslide and went on to create the most profitable business/entrepreneur class project in the history of the Gary Area Career Center according to my teacher who had been teaching that class for 20 years!!!


If anyone's reading this from Gary, Indiana that graduated or were in HS school in 89 and 90- those buttons that you guys were wearing with your boo's name on them- or the ones with the mirror backs so that you could check your hair and makeup; was a creation of yours truly... I was the CEO/President and was meet with opposition over the mirrored buttons- and I told the Board of Directors and the Executives that the mirrored buttons would be a hit, even though no other people had heard of them or seen them before- I was like males are going to spend money like the females- they didn't believe me until we had to re-order stock on the mirrored buttons several times!

I say all of this to say... I knew early on who controlled the purse strings- I chics would buy the mirrored buttons for themselves and they would buy one of those ones with the pin to put on shirts and whatnot for their male boo's or they would simply get the money from their male boo!

...and all of this was before I read my first business book!!!

FFW to 2012 and much has not changed- if your business is not going directly after the female consumer then you are losing the battle IMO- right off the bat, men spend money on big ticket items, like vehicles, bikes, boats- etc... to typically impress women- even when they settle down and decide to buy a house- it's typically the woman that picks the house- the man just usually says- I just want a nice garage, a man room or office, a big screen TV and some audio equipment- think about it!

Even to this day, every business I have had or been a part of - I have catered or insisted that they cater to women and even Black Folk Hot Spots is no exception today our audience is 65% Female and 33% Male and 2% other (whichever that means) *shrug* [Click for demographics]

As I was writing this... The song "Milkshake" by Kelis came to mind.. Women will always bring the Men!!! Think about it!!!

and the 3rd thing... but I wasn't a child anymore, I was an adult and I had a chance meeting with Zig Ziglar as I was walking to bathroom of seminar and I saw Zig and The Red Head... and we chatted for a minute as I told him how he was my mentor but through his books and CD's so he probably had no clue- and he said to me!!!

Son, if you help enough people get what they want, you will get all that you want! so I'm saying to you all black business owners...

Come Share your business and events with us so that we can share it with our +100k urban professional network! You're looking for exposure, or you wouldn't be posting on social media, passing out flyers, sending emails, doing TV and Radio... and any other way you have used to tell someone about your business or events! [Click the join here] and create a profile for your business and events- after you get approved, you will be able to tell us more, through, blogs, video's, photo's, groups, discussions, events and a few more and then we will take what you shared with us and share it with the audience of over 100,000 Urban Professionals in our network that we have built - some are looking for what you have to offer, some are looking to partner, some are looking to tell others about you like we do... but they organically have liked what we have been doing over the last few years- we would just like to connect you with people you are already trying to connect with- it's that simple- and we have only ask for $4 donation and we get results or we wouldn't get all the traffic that we get on a daily basis from people looking for what you have to offer- we are at this time a top 300K website in just over 2 years according to and have surpassed others in the niche in traffic and audience growth! To me, that says tons!!!

Don't Lose Your Digital Life!

Come share your business and events with us and we will share your them  with our network of over 100,000 Urban Professionals? Did you also want another Page One Listing on Google and the other Search Engines so that you will get even more traffic from the search engines? Do you also need more people calling and Emailing? Would you like to have a link with a Network that is top 300K site globally in terms of traffic and growing? Create a Profile Today for your business and events for only $4/mo AND GET ALL OF THE ABOVE PLUS MORE!!! ...which is less than a GOOD cup of coffee- go here to get started- we accept Pay Pal!

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