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Two Things that were said to me as a child that have stuck... that maybe you can use too for YOUR business growth!

Two Things that were said to me as a child that have stuck... that maybe you can use too for your business growth!

1. My mom said: Ryan, you always have to do a little more because if you and a white a person are going for the same job- and have the same qualifications - THEY WILL GET THE JOB!!! although she forgets sometimes that she told me that... because she used to tell me before going on interviews when I was actually going on them- [NOW SHE SAYS] TRY NOT TO ACT LIKE YOU OWN THE PLACE!!!

2. AND my Grandfather also told me: If someone else can do it.. so can you, so basica

lly, I have never seen anything that I couldn't do or become, if I wanted to... Case in Point- back in high school, I was elected President of D.E.C.A. (distribution education clubs of america) and you know I was damn near the only colored, negro, black - but my actions speak louder than my words- and won that election by a landslide and went on to create the most profitable business/entrepreneur class project in the history of the Gary Area Career Center according to my teacher who had been teaching that class for 20 years!!!


If anyone's reading this from Gary, Indiana that graduated or were in HS school in 89 and 90- those buttons that you guys were wearing with your boo's name on them- or the ones with the mirror backs so that you could check your hair and makeup; was a creation of yours truly... I was the CEO/President and was meet with opposition over the mirrored buttons- and I told the Board of Directors and the Executives that the mirrored buttons would be a hit, even though no other people had heard of them or seen them before- I was like males are going to spend money like the females- they didn't believe me until we had to re-order stock on the mirrored buttons several times!

I say all of this to say... I knew early on who controlled the purse strings- I chics would buy the mirrored buttons for themselves and they would buy one of those ones with the pin to put on shirts and whatnot for their male boo's or they would simply get the money from their male boo!

...and all of this was before I read my first business book!!!

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