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@sheekorganics: Top 10 Things Women Do NOT want men to do in bed!

Top 10 Things Women Do NOT want men to do in bed!

So…I was recently in one of my favorite girl groups and this question was posed: “If you could pen an open letter to the men of the world on what NOT to do in bed, what would it say?” Here are the top results.  Ladies, let me know if this is accurate…fellas… PAY ATTENTION and let us know if you have any questions HA!


  1. Slow down!!!…I already said yes


      9. Hygiene please.  No dirty nails or hands that look like they’ve been working on cars


  1. No nipple biting


  1. No animal noises


  1. Talk dirty, but not too dirty (i.e calling us out of our name)


  1. Stop lying! Examples:  “I’m gonna tear it up” “We gone do it all night”


  1. Stop asking us to lie! Examples: “Whose is it?” “Aint it big?” “You like this don’t you? (if we haven’t gotten up, you’re doing ok)


  1. Don’t attempt stunts you aren’t ready for.  Example- Don’t try to pick us up if you’re going to be shaking


  1. Don’t push my “button” like you’re calling for an elevator


And number 1! Drumroll prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


Please no teeth, it’s only called eating 


Well there you have it.  Let’s make this world and our beds a better place!


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