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My National Speaker's Association meeting has fallen on Valentine's weekend, leaving me time to reflect on the love-hate relationship of my life...

I'm talking about my on-again, off-again fling with Technology.

You see, Technology is like the BMOC (big man on campus), and I am the shy chick in the hiking club.

And Technology looks pretty good to me, especially with Valentine's and Sadie Hawkin's in the air, so I flirt.

I smile big on Facebook. I wiggle my brows on LinkedIn. I giggle on Twitter.

And Technology responds. Contacts increase. Events start moving.

But I get tired or bored or plain overwhelmed trying to keep up with T. I cut and paste my heart out and Technology whispers in my ear asking for more: "Wouldn't a little Ping be fun tonight, Pumpkin?" or "How's about you 'n me Skype after supper tonight?"

I know that for any relationship to succeed I need to work my half of the deal, and I do try. I attend conferences to learn the latest and greatest and must haves and must do's. Alas, Technology and I do not always see eye-to-eye... I don't have the time to do and learn it all...

So I ask myself, What parts of this relationship am I willing to work on? What can I leave behind? and How can I make the most of the time I have to spend with Technology?

At day's end, we stand in the doorway. I kiss Technology good night and step away.

"But can't we blog just a little, Babe?"

Maybe tomorrow, Sweetie...

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Comment by BFHS Network Chief Editor on February 14, 2010 at 7:35am
now watching this... I just shared this with twitter now go to the BFHS members on Twitter group and see if your blog link showed up:) or go the fan page and check and see if this didn't post to the fan page and we know you didn't put it there and neither did I.
Comment by BFHS Network Chief Editor on February 14, 2010 at 7:33am
CK- that is one of the things that plaque me- for years I was wondering how can I be in 5/6 places all at the same time. I started to reach out to my bff Google and other that I was close to- ohter bloggers, studying their crafts- checking not just what they wrote, but also looking at the applications they were using to say to post to twitter and facebook at the same time- when you ask you shall recieve- becaues now when I post in one location- for example here- when you post a blog- it will go to my fan page and twitter at the same time- I have also figured out how to post blog in advance and have them post at different times in the future so that- I can have a little fun with people outside my computer- It make me smile when people ask me do I every sleep or call me Mr. Facebook and I know that I was sleeping when the post came through!!!

I love technolgy.

Ryan Hodge
"the king of the internet"

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