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3 Ways To Naturally Relieve Stress In Less Than 10mins A Day

Even though some stress is good for us, many people, especially the busy parents, professionals and business owners I work with, are living with daily stresses that are no good for their health and can actually serious effect their quality of life and ability to keep living the fast paced lives that many of them have and even enjoy.


There’s a lot that goes into fully relieving and dealing with stress, but sometimes the smallest things can go a long way to making life’s stresses easier to deal with, whilst giving you a mental, emotional and physical lift.


So here are a few of the techniques I share with clients.


Remember that even though these only take 10mins or less, if you’ve never done them before it could take a little longer the first couple of times until you get used to it. Also, if you have more time to spend on the ones you really enjoy, feel free to indulge, you deserve it!


1. Sit still and Breath Deeply – Even as I’m writing these words, I’m taking a long deep breath and feeling better (High five if you did too) It’s amazing how we need to be reminded of the power and benefit of such a vital process.  So take a few minutes to sit still, back straight, shoulders back not slouching, head up and facing forward, then slowly breath in through your nose for a few seconds, hold the breath in for a moment, now slowly exhale through your mouth.


Repeating this just 5 times can improve the circulation to your brain and body, give you an sense of relaxation and a slight energy boost.


2. Give yourself a mini hand or foot massage – You don’t need a white suit, a massage table, essential oils or a certificate in holistic Swedish body massage to rubs the tension from your hands and feet, 2 of the most used and abused parts of our bodies.


So when ever you get a minute (after or before a shower, in the bath, when you get home from work, before bed, during your break, when you put the children to sleep) sit down, and give each hand a nice rub with circular movements with the thumb on the opposite hand from your wrist to the tips of all your fingers.  Then whip off your socks and rub your sole with little circles, from the heel to the tips of each toe. If you have oils, all the better, but if not, it’s still going to feel relaxing and rejuvenating


3.  Have a laugh – In the middle of a frantic day, my children will often do one of those funny children things that just make any adult (especially their parent) chuckle and it really helps lift my energy. Once I realised that, on particularly long busy days, before I start my evening shift, I make a point of logging onto YouTube and watching my favourite sitcom or The Laugh Factory for 10 minutes.


More than anything, it’s a good way to unwind which is much better than watching the depressing news channels, talk shows showing troubled lives or Eastenders (sorry to all the fans out there, I used to love it too, but after a 3 month break I watched an episode and was almost reduced to tears – Give it up!!!) If you’d prefer, you can always read a book, listen to some uplifting music or play a game with a loved ones or little ones.


Take 10mins to commit to just one of these a day and you’ll feel less stressed, without it getting in the way of your daily life.


Take care and stay healthy



The Naturally You Coach


P.S. If you are ready to take back control of your life and health naturally, feel free to get in touch so we can talk at

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