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@FOBSolutions: Silk Business Cards That Small Businesses Can Afford... Share Your Creativity With Your Customers

Most of us have the "same old, same old" when it comes to business cards. They are the standard size with a glossy finish. This became popular over cards without a glossy finish once people started to incorporate beautiful artwork into their business cards. We are now used to seeing high quality images and photographs instead of just the simple - logo - name/title - contact info.

We've now moved on to SILK cards. Maybe you've seen them, but just didnt know what they were. These silk cards are actually "silk laminated". Its a special finishing process that adds an ultra professional smooth laminate that feels like silk. The appearance is not glossy, but most definitely trumps the typical glossy uv finish. These cards are water resistant and not easy to tear!

To further enhance silk laminated cards, we add in SPOT UV. This is an additional finishing process that applies a glossy spot uv coating to specified elements of the card's design. The result is a unique silky card with raised glossy embellishments that can certainly be felt when touched.

Here are a few examples of SILK LAMINATED with SPOT UV business cards (courtesy of

Now, I have to advise you that if these are the kind of business cards you desire, they have to be DESIGNED with the spot uv finish in mind. Even if you have an existing design that you can visualize having this finish, it is NOT a do-it-yourself job. Searching the net, you will find this can be an expensive design and printing. That's why everybody doesn't have them!

Okay, so the truth is...I've been keeping this technique "my little secret" reserved for my clients to give them an edge that so many others dont even know about. However, because I'm lovin my connections on the BFHS network, I am offering affordable printing of silk laminated with spot uv business cards to BFHS members.

There are two options.

1. You don't have a business card design OR you are ready for a new one AND you want silk cards with spot uv.

Cards incl professional design are : qty-200=$110, qty-500=$120, qty-1000=$135

2. You have a design and need it transformed to get silk cards with spot uv.

Cards are : qty-200=$65, qty-500=$75, qty-1000=$90

The above pricing includes standard shipping. Rounded corners are an extra $10.

What you need to do is contact me through BFHS inbox or email me right now. If you have an existing design, send it to me! There may be some designs that arent "ready" for spot uv depending on the original file type and quality. Alternative sizes and postcards are available in the silk/spot uv finish. Just ask!

Oh yeah, and designers (legally registered businesses in graphic design) should contact me for an additional discount. I will blind ship!


Check out the Business Cards that we designed for the CEO of BFHS by FOB- Here... For those of you that have received his card, remember how they felt in your hands? You were wondering, "What IS this?"...Now ya know! 


Contact FOB @ 312-298-9051 today to get your no-cost proposal and quote


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