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Tonight, can you do yourselves and your business a favor and stop by your profile to make sure you links work- and you are nice and updated to what's new with you- if you haven't had a chance to post your upcoming events- post them now... and make sure all fields are filled in- so that you get the proper just do from all of our traffic to the site. TODAY IS THE LAST DAY THAT WE ARE FEATURING EVENTS FOR FREE FOR AWHILE! Donations are still being accepted though- even if you buy us a cup of coffee- Click here to Donate - the people at Starbuck love to see me there, plus it gets me out of the office and gets me talking to people out in the streets promoting Black Folk Hot Spots as a Network, which in turn promotes you! You didn't know that you had a street team did you?

Also can you please go to your profiles and click the share on twitter and share on facebook button- you also have the option to share on LinkedIN, Google Plus, Digg, and most of the other social networks- using the orange Wibiya bar at the bottom of your profile pages- When I get the notifications that you have shared- you will in turn just earned yourself an extra push as I will come behind you and reshare- the goal is to get you and your business and/or events VIRAL! Check out photo below to find the top share buttons- the others are located at the bottom in the orange wibiya bar! and {click the image to donate} thanks!

If you would like to save a few dollars, I suggest you take a look at MailChimp for your email lists to your clients and networks- I also suggest for your Paid Events and even the FREE ones- to sign up for Ticket Leap- you can't beat their social engagement features- plus it beats the crap out of that paper mess you get when you solely use paypal to take tickets- and they have a FREE Eblast for anyone that has bought tickets from you for past events- and it says in their system- how awesome is that? and the $1 and $2 Flat fees that they charge is simply delightful- and you get paid right away as long as you connect your account to paypal! there are host of other features and benefits that they have in the back office that you are going to have to signup to check out and to believe- that you can get all of this for practically nothing! Check out Ticket Leap Now!

The BFHS Network likes Ticket Leap because of their Flat Fees, ease...

and if you sign up for Ticket Leap, not only will we feature your event- but you might win a 6 pack of Email Blast for your business- that awesome right! make it happen it takes like 3 minutes to set up the account!

Another thing... that I want to bring up again is the fact that you can edit the heading of your profile page- this works great for one reason... when I land on your profile page- I would like to say a little about you- when I share it- and if you edit it- like my picture below- I can just copy and paste it- makes my life easier- especially when you give me the words to promote you- so I'm promoting you, like you want to be promoted, makes sense, right? {look at image below} and click to donate!


Did you know? The BFHS Network is ranked 833K of all website globally &172K in the US- out of 182+ million sites- Your Biz deserves one the BEST Sites for Black Business and EVENTs and we have done this in under 2 years! Use your Awesome BFHS Resource! updated as of 10/5 we now rank 547K globally and 97K in the US- that jumping over 286K globally and 75k- in US websites in less than a month!


Anyway... I wanted to say more- but I didn't want to bore you anymore:) so if you have any questions- please call me 219-512-9910 or email The BFHS Network- but please don't use this email to sign me up for your mailing lists- thanks in advance!


Ryan The CEO of Black Folk Hot Spots network!

Can you do one other thing- can you drop my my page and let me know your business industry you are in and if you are interested in being listed in a directory for that industry for FREE! [make sure to let me know your industry!} and while you are on my page- please tweet it and share it on FACEBOOK as well-thanks!


ah other thing- if you would like for me to do a review of your website- so that I can help you climb up the Search Engine Ranks to Page One and then the #1 slot hopefully- then send an email to us at the BFHS Networkwith website review and business name in the subject with the details in the body- only one website for now! thanks

Did you know? The BFHS Network is ranked 692K 568K 289K of all websites globally & 149K 110K 44K in the US- out of 182+ million sites according to as of 11/30/11 {the nielsen for website traffic} Your Biz deserves one the BEST Sites for Black Business and EVENTs and we have done this in under 2 years! So the time is now to get in on the early train and grow with us- or be the last to hop on the train or maybe even miss it totally! The choice is yours! ...and make sure to claim your FREE slot in our Business Directory, our plans are to launch in Mid-October in Alpha goto! Our mission is to link 1,000,000 Black Business Owners in our Black Business Directory- it only takes 34 seconds to RESERVE YOUR FREE SPOT and then be on the lookout for emails as we get closer to launch- thanks, and go NOW!

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