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Prejudice Pretenders ...To appreciate others is to be inspired by their accomplishments.

This particular behavior is exhibited by many individuals, but I will speak of us, Black people are Intelligent, have great Poise, Presentation and Power, however,  why are we so so afraid to help or communicate with one other. We are all supposed to be headed in the same direction and working for the same cause. We are a race that other cultures frown upon. We are so blinded by our own ignorance, that we look down and humiliate ourselves to please others that don’t care about us or our situation.
In other words we pretend to be somebody we're not. This is a CAUSE and AFFECT. The (CAUSE) you try to manipulate and gain a strangers trust, the (AFFECT) we loose family and friends, because you are no longer recognizable to them. Black people are so Beautiful and Intelligent, however,  it’s a shame that we change or pretend to be someone else in an effort to gain his/her approval.  Why not just be who we are and open to meeting and greeting others without placing judgement.  We all have heard the saying, "Don't judge a Book by it's Cover," well this is one saying that will probably never non-exist. Engaging in conversation with strangers  may result in a new friendship, business partner or soul mate. When one refuses because he/she thinks they are better, or prejudging this person, you are simply pretending to be better than another. At the end of the day, NO-ONE is better than the next person.

But what ever the case maybe WE  need to stop being jealous and start encouraging, stop pretending and be our authentic selves. We are suppose to be Progressing not Digressing, look and feel confident not timid. We shouldn’t settle for less and be proud of your success because we earn the right to be here and not PRETEND that others don’t exist. At the end of the day, a true friend or colleague will show themselves. They will not smile in your face and stab you in the back and they most definitely will not PRETEND that they like you. To appreciate others is to be inspired by their accomplishments.     

I, like many have been pre-judged and has pre-judged others and when it comes back around it doesn't feel too good. The sad part is, you can feel it when one is judging you based on your friends, clothing, hair, past life, occupation etc.,  What that means is, this person THINKS he/she is better than you and/ or refuses to engage in you.  Again, we all breathe the same air and bleed the same color, therefore, you are not better. Pretending to be someone else will always show in the end.To be INSPIRED by others is to appreciate their accomplishments. To be open to the unknown shows great strength and courage.

In essence, we have to be our authentic selves or in the end we will NOT KNOW who we are, don't pretend to be someone else or have more than you really do. Stop trying to keep up with "The Jones" and live within your means. We all have struggles, whether it's financial, relationships, family, weight, business etc, and it's perfectly okay, just be happy where you are and strive to be better and do better, but definitely don't be a Prejudice Pretender.

Thanks For Reading, Please Share your thoughts.

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