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Last time we talked we discussed self-concept and how it works. In order to maintain your self-concept we must learn how to establish healthy boundaries. Establishing healthy boundaries is the way of letting those around us know that we have a sense of worth and significance and will not allow anyone to profile, create, or dictate who we are.

What are personal boundaries? Many people assume when speaking on boundaries it’s only referring to space between one another. There is much more to personal boundaries than space alone. Emotionally and mentally, boundaries can be violated as well. I encourage all to recognize that all three areas require the individual attention of setting limits, rules, and guidelines for those around us to follow. This is important to be developed because it allows us to recognize what is sensible, safe, and acceptable ways for all those around us to conduct themselves as it pertains to your life. This also gives us an opportunity to see how we will react when those rules are ignored. This process of declaration is vital to all. This allows a standard to be set to protect from those who try to harm, manipulate, misuse, or violate an individual’s personal development.

In order to live life on purpose it is important that one’s personal boundaries are communicated effectively. Honesty is really a good policy. Try to stick with what your expectations are when it relates to your guidelines. Understand that this is what works for you, and others have a right to have their set of rules as it relates to their boundaries. If you find that there is a collision switch the company you keep and find someone who can respect your personal boundaries as you would theirs.

Before we end this discussion, I would like you to ask yourself how would you categorize yourself as it relates to your personal boundaries.

Carpet- This person allows everyone to walk on them. The feet are swept and stomped on this person, and the person does nothing but, lye like carpet. This person stands for nothing and falls for everything. (Emotional wreck)

On the fence- This person is wishy washy. Not quite sure what to allow others to do to them. One second it is just fine to allow people to ignore their limitations. Then in the next breath they have an issue with being walked on. (Just can’t get it right)

Closed Door- This person doesn’t allow anyone to come in their circumference physically or emotionally. This individual is usually guarded and has built a wall emotionally and physically. This person has been exposed to all forms of abuse. Many times this person often relates to past experience that were traumatic. (Repressed)

Designated Driver-This person is in control. They are aware of what they will and won’t allow in their life. They are aware of where they’re going and no one can deter them. They have 20/20 vision when it comes to detecting, manipulation, a user or violations. This individual thinks, feel, and live, by their own beat, and will not allow someone else to cause interference (Living Life on Purpose).

Hopefully you can develop your personal boundaries and become the designated driver for your life. This will only enhance your self-concept and encourage those around you to see that you have the wheel when it pertains to your life.

Remember, you are in control!!!!!!

ASK LEX(Live Your Life On Purpose, Your Worth It!!!)

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