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People Who Have Not Earned A College Degree

I am in this category, undoubtedly, like many other people I no as

well as you do to possibly. Although, I have had the opportunity to

earn a college degree, but I have never completed this goal for one

reason or another. Believe me, money has not always been the

deterrent in my case. Young people in this day and age have far

more financial opportunities for obtaining a good college education

than our ancestors did. I have heard, and continue to hear, thought

provoking stories about the luxury and advantage of having a good

college education. There is no doubt in my mind that there are more

financial opportunities for college graduates who have earned their

credentials in their chosen field. And yes, it does matter of what

type of degree he or she has earned in terms of making the big

money. There have always been, and will continue to be advantages

for people who have chosen to advance themselves beyond a high

school education. Why? Simple! We live in a changing society

with a host of new and modern technology where a need for higher

learning and research is mandatory in order to be an effective com-

petitor in all areas of living. It is always good to have completed

some college coursework after ones high school years in order to stay

current with this new modern technology. The type of learning,

skills, and training one can acquire through a good college education

through an accredited institution is far different than your average

self educated or savy street smart individual. To me a book smart

individual will always be different from a college educated smart

individual due to he or she's accessibility to the tools and technology

for higher learning. This is just a fact of life. From my own ex-

periences, I have learned not to measure an individual's abilities

or intelligence through their college degree. I no people right now

who have earned a college degree, but they do not possess the know-

ledge or skills that are required of them for their chosen field. Im-

agine, putting in all of those wasteful years with nothing to show for

it. If I am to be labeled as a college graduate, I am definitely going

to be an expert in terms of the skills and knowledge in my chosen

field. If I am crippled in one area, I need to improve in this area at

once. There is suppose to be a big difference with a college grad-

uate. The only disadvantage, I can see, with earning a college

degree is not being able to use it. Again, I no people who are coll-

ege graduates right now, but have not found a job or career in their

chosen field. Not astonishing, especially during these tough econom-

ic times, these folk have been forced into taking low wage paying

jobs just to survive. There will always be an advantage for anyone

who have earned a college degree. These folk will always have the

opportunity to make more money, be instantly promoted within

their workplace, and to become a major influence within their fam-

ily tree, community, as well as society as a whole. Whether one is

college material or not, everyone in life will not earn a college

degree for whatever reason or another. One does not necessarily

have to be wealthy in order to complete a college education. Of

course being wealthy or financially stable always helps out, but this

is not everyone's case. I have found the timing and outside circum-

stances to be a hindrance for me. This could just as easily be label-

ed as an excuse to someone who have already earned a college

degree. Believe me, I yet no folk right now who are yet struggling

to get their degree. I also no folk who have really struggled in life,

day and night, just to get their college degree. It made no difference

if they were married or single people. Their simple goal in life was to

earn a college degree, and they finally did it. Again, not college

material? I also no a lot of folk, who have found their click to mak-

ing big money, through apprenticeship training and vocational

schools. Any time a person can advance beyond a high school dip-

loma speaks loud and clearly to any employer who is always willing

to offer he or she more money and opportunities depending on ones

knowledge, skills, and qualifications for a particular job or career.

I do no for a fact that I am yet college material. What about your-

self? Yes, of course I want to make more money. Who on earth

doesn't? Well, I am yet a legal working class guy with other hobbies

on the side. However, I continue to make extra money from some

of these hobbies here and there, so I am not doing to bad. Now, an

illegal minded person will tell you that you can still make big money

without a college degree. My first question to you is this, "Does a

person have to be illegal minded to make such a statement? My

next question to you is this, "What is the difference between an

individual who have earned a college degree and the other person

who have not? Here is my answer. The person who have earned a

college degree have proven to he or she's workforce and society as a

whole that they simply want the added benefits and advantages of every

day living that one can achieve through a higher education. The person

who have not earned a college degree may not always be willing to

settle for less, but he or she knows that they will have to work just a

little bit harder in life to get ahead. What is your input on my blog's



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Comment by BFHS Network Chief Editor on October 14, 2010 at 7:14am
Bill Gates -doesn't
Einstein -Didn't
Henry Ford- Didn't
Mark Z -founder of FB- doesn't

and many many more!

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