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@cherriepie7: I AM so elated that people of color are awakening! The Truth on The Real Hebrew Israelites!

Good Day to all of you! So great we are and I AM so elated we are all as a people of color ARE awakening!

I have been reading on who the true Hebrews and Israelites are. I also am learning that the Jews in Israel and Netanyahu are imposters and can never trace their original roots to Mizraim meaning Egypt who through his lineage had an important lineage and sons who once were living and breathing. Through HAM who was the father of 4 sons who's names were Cush, Phut, Mizraim and Canaan. Many Bibles throughout the world foot notes the Hebrew Old Testament that Mizraim means "Egypt." Ham as many of you already probably know is one of the 3 sons of Noah and "Ham" was considered "the black one."

Noah named Ham at birth. Ham means black or burnt! In the Old Testament Egypt is referred to as the land of Ham! The ancient Egyptians in their writings used their word for "black" to describe themselves. Black Skin was not a curse and as many of you know that there were many baptist churches and 1st Baptist Church's only white people attended (Black Americans formed 2nd Baptist Churches to worship, because blacks were not allowed in 1st Baptist Churches nor Mormon Churches) believing Ham was cursed and made black for his sins? Contrary to this popular false belief, Noah named his son "Ham" long before any curse was placed.

Moreover, Ham was never cursed, for the curse fell on Ham's son "Canaan" for Ham's sin against Noah. Also Albinos were the only people born with no melanin which was a birth defect or mutation. Understand this my people! African People were people who birthed Albinos who could not sustain the heat from the sun and their sight was not well and the black tribes would push them away for they felt they were evil because of the color of an "albinos" skin. This is why they became nomads (as many other black tribes and other Indigenous people did during these times) wondering for centuries and cold weathered regions, confinements and caves became their homes. Noah cursed Canaan and the curse was fulfilled in the total destruction of the Canaannites (Phoenicians) as a Nation by the Roman Empire! The Jews in Israel can not trace their ancestry through Mizraim, Ham or Canaan either and their blood through their own DNA do not support them as the original people's from Egypt nor Ethiopia! They are considered imposters by many Middle Easterns and Africa!

The Sudanese refugees going into Israel now are also some of the true Israelites that they (people in Israel) are calling the "N" word as they sometimes call us here in the U.S and telling them to go home and to get out of their country! Does this sound like a humble people who went through years of slavery? A Roman Historian name Tactitus recorded that the Egyptians had burnt skin, flat noses, thick lips and wooly hair. He also iterated that Jews were black and truly looked similar to the Ethiopians. Truly, Jews had mixed with the Black Egyptians during hundreds of years of slavery. Contrary to the belief of many people including black people here in America, the Jews in Israel are not at all descendants from the Jesus Day Jews. European Jews are descendants of Gentiles of Europe who converted to Judaism during the Middle Ages! European Jews are known as Ashkenazi descent and are Ashkenazi Jews!

A Tribe of true Israelites have been found in Africa where many priests , ministers and people are traveling over to meet them now. They are the people who they have even DNA tested proving who they truly are and the only people who have the original pages of God's Word who performs the ceremonies of long ago! Many people are now finally saying who the true people of God are in books, videos and vernally. The truth and words are now unfolding telling the stories of the people of long ago are in the Bible mixed in with other words many do not know where it came from during the centuries. Many People do not even know that when the continent of Egypt was conquered by a Greek General named Scipio Africanus, it was within their own right to rename the land and its people! Yes, people this Greek General renamed the continent "Africa" from his last name of "Africanus!" Black People were never truly Africans! They were Egyptians! They were Moors and whatever their tribes defined them as. Understand this and look it up! Research it for the truth is there! Now I ask you who are God's own People?

Many People of color who's ancestors and the only people who were punished long ago by being placed in chains and spread wide, far and around the world to become Slaves for another people do not know they are the children of God's own people and are not the Gentiles! The Ashkenazi Jews (Original Jews were Black People and it was not defined by color of skin, but anyone who converted and accepted a way of life following God) who are Gentiles took over a land that never belonged to them and the prophesy can not be fulfilled by them. God knows His own.

Until I blog again, do your research and support one another in Black Business so we can teach and empower one another to lift ourselves out of the purposeful lies that were told to put us in the state of despair we are now still in. My business supports a small Black company out of New Orleans where we sell 100% pure natural Indian Hair that you can hot comb, hot curl, perm & color that lasts up to 24 months. We even offer business opportunities where you can make at least $17 off one of our least priced bundle of hair when you join us for $24.99 a month or more depending how you join us. We sale hair in bulk as well. This is a business that creates billions of dollars we have to take back and you can join us or purchase from us for all our hair comes from India. Thank you for your support.

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Comment by BFHS Network Chief Editor on May 20, 2015 at 2:54am
Comment by BFHS Network Chief Editor on May 18, 2015 at 4:24am

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Wow! Thanks!

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