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@For_The_Masses #THROWBACK: Note to the Main Stream Media: Stop Cuddling James Holmes – He is a Terrorist

The months leading up to the premiere of the movie, The Dark Knight Rises in Aurora, Colorado, was the time James Holmes strategically plan to impose terror on movie goers and put America in fear. Holmes sadistic plan was concocted months in advance, and is the essence of a homegrown terrorist. Holmes ended up killing 12 people and wounded over 58.

Even though, the police responded within in 90 seconds, Holmes still managed to generate carnage of victims and the main reason why, is because of the gun he used in the massacre. Holmes was able to purchae an AR-15 assault rifle, 12-gauge shotgun.... He would have taken more lives if the AR-15 he was using didn’t jam up.  What alarmed me was that Holmes managed to have 6,000 rounds of ammunition purchased over the internet in the span of 60 days. I don’t understand why in America someone can obtain an assault rifle (all legal of course), and no one thought it was questionable enough to alert authorities.  America’s problem is that some of us value our guns and the money we receive for these weapons and why someone would need that type of weaponry is an afterthought.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a supporter of the 2nd amendment, which is the right to bear arms, but I am not a supporter of assault rifles – there is no need for it. Former President Bill Clinton was the last politician who I recall in recent memory who banned assault weapons.  Every other politician has been too afraid to challenge the National Rifle Association and pass legislation that would prohibit such weaponry. That’s evident when President Barack Obama and nominee Mitt Romney conveniently left out any mention of gun control in their speeches addressing these horrific events.  What’s so upsetting about the lax gun laws in this country is that It is so easy to acquire an assault rifle than it is to vote – just look at the state of Florida and their particpation in voting suppression.

Anyone can inflict terror in this country, no matter what race. Of course, in some peoples view, a white man in America is not detrimental to society – therefore he is unlikely to be stop and frisk by the police like so many minority men. I think guys like Holmes will continue to operate under the radar and pull off heinous acts of violence that cripple the souls of America. If Holmes were of another ethnic group, had a Muslim name, he would have been quickly labeled as a terrorist in the media. Holmes, also may have be tried in Federal court under the Patriot Act as a terrorist. Furthermore, Holmes would have probably been killed or seriously wounded by police – it is astonishing he was able to surrender unscathed. If that was someone of another ethnicity, I’m sure they would have been in the morgue by now. The police can always claim, they thought Holmes was reaching for a weapon, like many countless unarmed Black and Latino men killed by police, in this country.

The main stream media has a responsibility to call Holmes exactly what he is, a terrorist. The word terrorist has a subjective meaning, but Holmes committed an act so heinous in which he wanted to inflict terror on his victims – and place a psychological hold on so many that either had a direct or indirect link to the massacre. Holmes also set up booby-traps - IED’s in his apartment to take out more victims, how is this not an act of terrorism is beyond me.

The main stream media also appears to garner so much sympathy by reiterating how smart he is and how he graduated from college with honors. It appears when a white man does something like kill dozens of people, the media always has a segment dedicated to experts discussing the psychological make-up of the suspect. I haven’t seen any segments with all these “experts”, discussing why so many Black and Latinos join gangs and kill each other.

Holmes is a terrorist nothing more nothing less. Let’s stop worrying why such a smart guy with exceptional grades would go that route. It is no need to waste precious time trying to analyze a psychopath with segment after segment discussing his psychological make-up.  The media is cuddling this demonic figure. Where is the interest in the psychological make-up of the individuals who are killing each other in Chicago, daily? There is a reason why Chicago has been having one of the worst years in recent memory, as far as murders are concerned. I would love for these famous FBI and former police commissioners to give their assessment on this problem and how to solve it. The media hasn’t even touch on this issue, nor do they give the indication that they even care. Just as long as minorities continue to kill each other they do not care about reporting it. One thing that is evident, James Holmes is receiving what we call – white privilege.

-Ms Scripter

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