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Stiavetti isn't alone in her outrage at Facebook.

At the beginning of December, Facebook changed the algorithm it uses to select which "stories" appear in users News Feeds — that center column of photos, updates, videos and ads you see when you go to or open a Facebook app.

Facebook said it was changing the algorithm so that it would highlight higher quality news stories and show fewer silly photos.

But the immediate effect of the change was to drastically reduce the reach of the kinds of Facebook brand pages maintained by people like Stiavetti, e-commerce companies, and national brands.

Spokespeople for several companies told us that the "reach" of their Facebook posts declined by as much 80% after the changes.

Like Stiavetti, the people running those pages assumed Facebook actually changed its algorithm not to have the News Feed show higher quality  news stories, but to force Facebook page operators to buy ads from Facebook if they wanted reach.

In an email to Business Insider, a Facebook spokesperson said that was not the motivation behind the News Feed change. He said the most likely reason "organic" posts from Facebook pages weren't getting seen was that, during the holiday season, retailers are buying lots of ads for the News Feed, and those are crowding out the non-paid content.

The problem for Facebook is that appearances are reality — and to Facebook page managers, small like Stiavetti or big like several national retailers we spoke to, it appears that Facebook is shaking them down for bigger ad spends. They feel like suckers in a bait-and-switch scheme.

That "reality" has them angry.

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