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@For_The_Masses: Mass Shootings, Gun Laws Discussed, Silence, Repeat…

OPINION – Once again, a nut job decides to invade a space where one would assume to be safe in, only to be confronted and become a victim of a mass shooting. This time Oregon is the center of the latest mass shooting in America.

Chris Harper Mercer who entered Oregon Umpqua Community College and allegedly told students and staff to lie down and asked them, what religion they were a part of, before shooting them. Mercer, killed nine-people, and wounding at least seven people until police killed him.

During the press conference, Douglas Sheriff John Hanlin stated that he would never say the shooters name and advised the media to do the same. The thing is when Black folks commit violent crime; such talk about not saying the perpetrator’s name is never encouraged by law enforcement, so why should we start now? Hanlin feels like saying the perpetrator’s name is glorifying the shooter, but it supports the narrative that Blacks are the only ones committing gun violence in the media. Mercer, who is bi-racial (dismiss the one-drop rule, that's outdated by centuries) according to his profile on social media sites should get the same treatment as Black men and woman in America, when they become the creator of evil.

Exposing the white on white crime (including bi-racial crime architects) rhetoric every five minutes, like the media loves to do with Blacks is imperative to dispel the myth that only Blacks are prone to gun violence. America has a white on white crime problem, so let’s not dilute that by allowing police and media to constantly give excuses when atrocities by non-Blacks occur. One knows the main excuse: mental illness. That’s the same dialogue that is constantly broadcast in the media when perpetrators who are not black like: Dylann Roof (shot up a Black church), Adam Lanza (shot up an elementary school), James Holmes (shot up a movie theater), and the list goes on and on and for the most part the shooters are white males.

Then once these shootings occur, the politicians mostly on the Democratic side start tap dancing and the rhetoric begins about stricter gun laws. Then the Republicans start on their end with we need more guns to protect people from mass shootings and this rhetoric includes the NRA (National Rifle Association).

Once the politicians jokey for position to state how their feel about guns, then it goes silent. Legislation never passes, whether it’s stricter to obtain a gun or not. The politicians go on about their everyday life and rarely bring it up again.

Silence lasts about a few months, until the next shooting occurs. Then we repeat the same cycle, and nothing gets done in any parts of the country. The mass shooting narrative has become repetitious and it’s nauseating that we know what to expect now, after mass shootings. The repetitive dialogue and the silence are all too familiar now. The only thing that changes are the location of the mass shootings and the age groups.

I think now it’s time to discuss that role when one’s elected officials play in concerning the repetition and their ineffectiveness. If they aren’t doing anything, and if one is passionate about having stricter gun laws, then do something about it and vote these politicians out of office. Furthermore, it’s time to have a discussion as to how to report folks who may seem like they need psychological assistance, before they go and commit these crimes. Mercer gave people a clear indication that he was about to do something drastic, via social media, but no one did a thing to alert authorities. Either pay more attention to individuals like Mercer when they make certain statements, or do something about guns legally, or risk becoming a victim oneself. The same song keeps playing over and over again and quite frankly, the song is getting old and tired.



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