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How To Post Events on @bfhsnetwork That Get More Exposure and Grow Your Business -94 more!

100 Events posted TO BFHNETWORK.COM Challenge ...Countdown: ONLY 94 more!!! Log in and post your events so we can share them and add them to our rotation- and lets grow some businesses!

Over the last few years has shared over 1800 events, which means that we have looked at the events that got tons of views and ones that didn't get that many.

We are asked in many consulting calls how can I get more exposure and grow my business fast- and we often tell them by events.

Don't just look at events like going to a club, networking, craft fair or convention

...You can also run sales events for your company, many companies run sales promotion, turn it into an event, I mean there is an start and end date, right? Just like every major department store and that's why your Wednesday and Sunday paper is typically the fattest papers during the week, Sundays most times and most sales run from either Sunday to Saturday or Wednesday to Saturday Close of Business.

It doesn't matter

...if you are selling travel, books, websites, running a blog, cars, insurance- it can be done and we can help you do it, or at least get it out there, people like deadlines and that is how most major businesses build their clients.

Running events for sales promotions don't cheapen your brand, products or services

...they actually enhance it, Walmart, Your local grocery store, shoe stores, big conventions and any other big business that you can think of- they all run events.

Find a product

...with low cost to you and high value to your would be customer- works like a charm.

Choose a produce or service

...that you offer and put it on sale and then use the WHO, WHAT, WHY, HOW AND WHEN FORMAT- ANSWER THOSE YOUR QUICK QUESTIONS, for your new potential clients or customers.

The reason you want to create events is because something magical happens

...I call it "THE WALMART APPROACH" They put items on sale and if there is a deep, deep, deep discount, they limit the qualities and then put those items in the back of the store, so that you have to walk past everything else in the store that isn't on sale to find that item, so if you sale t-shirts for instance, put it in the back of the store or at the bottom of your website so they have to scroll all the way down past all your other items.

A couple years ago we at promoted a concert

...with a new person that came referred to us, he didn't even have a profile and he asked me what he should do and I asked what could he giveaway- he was like huh, giveaway- are you kidding me, I already have xyz money invested, at this point, I'm just trying to break even. Well, I said- we are going to have a problem, we have to find out something you can give. That something that we figured out was that everyone that purchased a ticket by xyz date was entered in a drawing to have lunch with the one of the nationwide group, they were going to be out doing radio and tv promotions anyway- so we would just meet for lunch and 4 people would win lunch, which didn't cost him much, like $15 a person, as they ate at one of the sponsors restaurants and the tickets were $35 each that they had to purchase first. So they spent $60 to get $140 and the buzz was crazy from people wanting to be able to ask how to get in the music buzz to others just wanted to chill out and say they had lunch with xyz celebrity and tons of selfies- I know I was there.  The end of the story is the concert was packed to capacity. 

We suggested

...a back stage meet and greets for a larger price point, I stole that from my daughter wanted to meet "ONE DIRECTION" and the tickets were $1500 for just 15 minutes. Well he was happy and on the following Monday he called to tell me that I won the contest, which I didn't even know- what he had done was bought 4 eblasts and 1 banner ad from 4 different marketing companies and he gave us each tracking id's so he could track where the results were coming from- at that time, I knew the type of traffic we were getting but these companies had been around for 10+ years with list 10 times ours at the time, once we sat down and had lunch that next week, he told me which companies and sites and also shared that had sold more tickets than all of them combined. 

...and we can do that for your business and events

...if we only knew about them- we have even more to offer you that just some raffles advice, eblasts or banner ads in facts we don't even promote them because we have perfected an even better system... but you must post your events on to get the full effects of what we can do and you can do that by choosing the time-frame you want- 1-12 months or even a lifetime which is basically 2.5 years upfront forever and we are growing and getting better and better- and get this when we hooked up that one concert guy, we were probably around 50K in audience, we are now more than 250K.

Post your events today we can get started helping to grow your business and events, ain't no way, we should see your events on facebook, twitter, instagram, google, eventbrite or anywhere else on the social media scene and not have it on so we can work our magic. We ain't going to win them all, but I will bet you that we will win 80% of the time.

Here are the events posted for the next week

...hopefully you find something you like to support and if you can't but it seems cool, share it with your friends- they might be able to- especially if you give members a little extra like a 10-20% discount or even more... remember there are 1800 members here. And don't wait until the last minute. OUR GOAL IS TO GET OUR EVENTS BACK OVER 100, SO THIS MONTH, THAT WILL BE OUR FOCUS.

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