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How Non-Writers Can Craft Business Blogs

Research shows that 15 blogs a month can generate 1,200 new leads, gather twice as many inbound links, and use content to bolster social media engagement.

But, if it was easy, everyone would do it. The key for non-writers in charge of business blogging is to begin with successful templates, and then add the main ingredients. For instance, here is what a worthwhile business blog would include:

  • An eye-catching headline
  • Multimedia within the post
  • Linked outside sources
  • A structured narrative that answers the premise
  • Concise, scannable language
  • Quality, authoritative content

Smaller businesses may enlist a marketer or “that guy who knows writing” to publish blogs because that’s what everyone else does. While having content out there that promotes a business is better than nothing, blogs often are the first point of contact with new customers. Don’t let them encounter a rushed 300-word post with terrible formatting that doesn’t have a takeaway at the end.

Find a Topic

Knowing what to write about is just as important as how you write it. Posting to a business blog every day is possible but not worth the effort if no one reads it. Luckily, hunting down topics isn’t too difficult:

  • Stay up to date on what competitors are blogging about. Write a response or approach the subject from your own perspective.
  • Search through comments your readers leave on social media and blogs. These “clues” can lead to increased interaction with followers and help you leverage the content that works.
  • Research trending subjects on Google and news outlets. Is there some industry trend or social event in progress that can be recycled as a topic?

Not every topic needs to cover a major controversy or explore groundbreaking research. Business bloggers should take the “one for me, one for them” approach. This means that some topics can be focused on you, your business, and new things you’re doing and how they apply to readers.

For other topics, avoid begin promotional; even distance yourself from the content This type of blog is by far the most commonly read because the blogs are “generic,” so to speak, in that the topics can be appreciated by non-clients.

Another strategy is to practice topic targeting, or writing for a specific audience or demographic. Take Facebook. Business pages allow admins to see who “likes” their content and where they are from. So, if you are you a real estate company with a number of 25- to 30-year-olds followers in Chicago, consider blogs to fill this niche, like “What First Time Homeowners in Chicago Should Look For in a New Home.” These are called Facebook Insights.




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Comment by Savvy Empowered Women's Network on May 14, 2014 at 1:48pm

Lot of good tips.  Especially like, the idea of using FB to target and pinpoint where your audience may be.

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