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Don't count your chickens before they hatch... a Colonel Sanders Story and what Business Owner Families could learn.

A little business history on a place we all know and many of us love to this day... Kentucky Fried Chicken.  

Col. Sanders was the type of dude that grinded it out day in and day out, struggling doing all type of jobs, he had a ton of them [he was a sixth-grade dropout, a farmhand, an army mule-tender, a locomotive fireman, a railroad worker, an aspiring lawyer, an insurance salesman, a ferryboat entrepreneur, a tire salesman, an amateur obstetrician, an (unsuccessful) political candidate, a gas station operator, a motel operator and finally, a restaurateur] but he never gave up.I'm sure people told him that he should and to stop getting fired from fighting and being insubordinate with his so-called superiors, but that didn't stop him, he even earned his law degree and got into a fight in the courtroom with one of his clients.

.. and I'm pretty sure many counted him out, but at the ripe age of 62 KFC was born and formed and became the household name it is today- because he gave up and the colonel lived til he was 90 years old.

The moral to this write is people will talk shit about you or your endeavors, without knowing who you really are inside or simply because they care and love you and don't want to see you struggle, but I'm sure everyone that told Col Sanders that, whether they helped him or not, at the time of his death, he could literally pay them to shut up and go away.

To me this is the 40 year plan done right... Read more at



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