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Are You Living A Life That's Naturally You?

When I first become “The Naturally You Coach”, it was because natural remedies and whole foods, fascinated me and proved to me over and over again, that they had the power to transform people’s lives, by allowing them to take control of their health. Powerful stuff right!


A milestone in my work came when I began to work with more clients who were getting great results with their health but couldn’t progress past a certain point. I couldn’t quite work it out until I joined a program that involved life coaching and that’s when it all clicked.

As a complete sceptic of the pseudo science that I thought life coaching was, I never considered using it as part of my work until then.


Here’s why I did.


The main reason that people found it difficult to achieve their health goals and continue to make the progress I was seeing in them, was because other things in their life were causing them so much grief, pain, discomfort or distraction that it became almost impossible for them to focus on anything else.  It was like trying to win a race with your legs tied, you can only hop with a smile of your face for so long, before you give up.


From a holistic perspective, we know all aspects of you are connected and affect each other, so you can’t isolate any area of your life to fully focus on, without paying any attention to the rest of it at some point.


But more than this, I found people weren’t being naturally them, they were out of balance and sync with their very nature, half of their life was a complete reflection of them that they loved and another big part was so unnatural to them, it was like trying to live as a square peg in a round hole.


There is so much more to being natural than switching from frozen burgers to homemade ones, or replacing mountain dew with green juice, it has to do with making every area of your life natural to you.


If your work, business or personal life aren’t in alignment with the real you, the essence of you, it will lead to a disconnection with yourself as you try and almost live out a life meant for someone else. Stress, disappointment, misery, depression and more will result, which are equally as detrimental to your health as frozen burgers and Mountain Dew.


A huge consideration is that the mental conditions stated above are heavily linked to substance abuse and addictions which people develop just to cope with living their lives.


Don’t we all know someone, normally later in life, who’s worked a job, run a a business or been in a relationship that they loathed for so many years that the only way they can keep going is with something to drink or smoke in their hand every night or weekend?


Here are some questions you can ask yourself to find out if you’re living a life that reflects the natural you


  1. My job pays the bills, but does it bring me any joy?
  2. Is my relationship with someone I really love and want to spend the rest of my life with?
  3. Am running my business or is it running me?
  4. Am I working this job or is it working me?
  5. Are the foods I’m eating REALLY what I want to put in my body?
  6. If I could create the life of my dreams in the next 6 months, what would it look like, exactly?
  7. Am I truly happy going to work, coming home to the TV and chores, going to sleep then doing it all again the next day, not feeling I’ve made a difference to anyone, can’t I do more?


Take a minute to think about these questions and answer them honestly.


So once you’ve taken the time to look at your life and decide how you need to change it to make it more of a reflection of you, or work with someone to do it, if you’re diet is bad, then your fuel is bad, and to make the big moves, decisions and changes, mentally and physically, you need mental and physical energy.


The benefit of eating a whole food diet made up of food that are best for your body, is that mental clarity and physical energy are 2 of the first benefits people receive.


So ask yourself


  1. Am I living a life that’s naturally me?
  2. What could I change about my life to make it resonate and reflect the real me better?
  3. When am I going to start making the changes? (Hint: the answer to this one is NOW, no time like the present)


Here’s to becoming naturally you, if you need any help, feel free to email me at or join my free ezine at http://www.thenaturallyyoucoach.comto get free gifts, regular articles, recipes and tips and much more


Take care and stay healthy


The Naturally You Coach

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