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We have opened up 10 more slots for the annual memberships to at the $25 discount.

Why upgrade from a basic membership profile?

You post on facebook, twitter, instagram, G+, and LinkedIn.. but they don't share your what you post with their millions of users, do they? So in reality your info is only being shared with the networks that you have created, and even then all of them aren't seeing it. 

Post that stuff here- so we can share with our 250K social urban professionals network that we have built- and at this time it will only cost you less $50 a year if you are one of the next 10 that realize the value that we bring to the table. Many of you got here because you are apart of our social urban network- and have seen our posts, or posts of other black business owners, right? yeah we already know the answer because that's how we built it over the last 5 years- that was the idea behind black folk hot spots.

and that's the problem that we are solving and have solved- more exposure, more connections, more business and bigger businesses- that's your goal right! The more people who know your brand, the more people that can shop with you.

We do that for business and events and it doesn't matter how small you are today, if you are interested in growing and getting bigger- and creating something lasting that you can past down to your future generations- then we can do that... Our goal is to connect, share and introduce one million black business owners- and as of today we have shared a little over 2200 so as we grow, y'all grow because our other numbers are huge.. like visitors to the site (we rank in the top 168K globally and top 29K in the US), the time per visitor that they are spending on our site(22 minutes), the amount of page views aka profiles per visitor(26) and we are inline with the amount of views that facebook, google, twitter and linkedin is doing in terms of time on site and page views- the only thing we don't have will the membership base- that we will eventually get in time.

Site | ranking globally/US |avg daily pageviews per visitor | avg time spent on site per visitor via = 2/2 | 14 | 29:52 = 1/1 | 20.56 | 18:56 = 11/9 | 5.69 | 9:06 = 43/23 | 3.98 | 3:38 = 8/8 |8:51 | 7:35 = 168K/29K | 26 | 21:52

So when we tell you that works for your business- we are not just saying that to say it... it's the truth, you just have to work it just like you work the others- and this might sound weird to you, but we are even more effective for those that use us... our motto: have been from the beginning, we can help take your local business, global- tell us about your business and events and we will do the rest!

Why do we have a basic and pro membership and what is the difference?
Just like in professional sports- we have a minor leagues and a major leagues, we know that everyone can't afford to add us to their annual budget, we don't see why with what we charge, well under the industry standards- but to answer the question.

Remember our goal is to share and introduce one million black business owners to our the world and our network... so if a business just wants to be one of those one million and never pay us a dime- we understand and all one has to do is create the profile with links that work- so we can share the profile and some tidbits with our social networks, i.e. facebook, twitter, G+, linkedin, instagram and several others- as well get you another link, linking back to your site for SEO purposes, you can never have to many, plus the more you have, the more authority you get from google and thus pushes you up in the search rankings, so you get a link from us, and link to your profile in the search engines and for that, you don't have to pay us nothing.

For those that are looking to grow and expand their business quicker- then the GO PRO Premium is for them, they know that if you want to grow your business, you have to have a advertising and marketing team working day and night to grow brand awareness- and that's us and all we charge is a little more than a CUP OF COFFEE annually, slightly more if  one choose to go monthly- just like a gym membership except it's not recurring, and will will share your business, blog post, videos, photo's and events like crazy- that's how many of you found us- to create a profile in the first place- so don't try to say what we do, doesn't work- because we are going to say, check the numbers above. Not everything works all the time, we know that- but because we do some things a little differently- sort of like a new movie coming out or CD or something, we try to at least share it 7/8 times because the people looking for you and your products is online at different days and times of the week. There have been times, when we have shared something and it have received zero love, and then we shared it 2 hours later and hundreds of people ate it up... we get the internet.

and that is what you are paying us to do- and yes we are learning new techniques everyday- but this is our passion, this is our mission and we don't expect everyone to understand that supporting black businesses is something that all black people and definitely black business owners should be all in for... today might not be your day, but tomorrow could be.

our normal annual price is 79.95, we reduced it to $74.95 for black friday and cyber monday and many people took advantage of it, but now for the next 10 business owners that upgrade to GO PRO annually {bet on us, we are betting on you} it's only $49.95 but make sure you jump on it, because you get locked in for the next 12 months because Jan 1, we are going to $99.95 for the annual membership as our expenses are going up plus our audience has grown to over 250K than the 100K we started with in 2013. Procrastinators UNITE TODAY!

Please don't upgrade if you are NOT going to post all of your events, whether you are hosting them or vending at them.
Please don't upgrade if you are NOT going to post at least once week on your profile here {daily is even better, even monthly} whether it be videos, flyers and photos, blogs talking about your business or someone elses, just remain a basic member and we will share you business once when the profile is created and and once on your birthday... and maybe a few other times, if we run across your profile  for whatever reason and we don't have any GO PRO members to market that day- or just because we are in a good mood.

Upgrade today- save $25 or better yet, save $50 because if you wait a few weeks- you will be paying $99 and honestly- for what we can do, that is still cheaper- if you have ever bought an eblast from these eblast companies- then you are paying $75+ for just one email- we will promote you over and over and everything you post for the cost of one eblast for the entire year.

Click to log in your profile and you will see the upgrade GO PRO time access packages from one month to 12 and if you are interested in lifetime- call or text us at 219.512.9910


and for the first 5 I have a $100 google advertising coupon for you too!

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