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Dear Black Business Owner... Are You Afraid Of Success? Your Network + @bfhsnework = more exposure for your business and events.

For those of yall that watch TV... especially the talk shows like Good Morning AmericaThe View Jimmy Kimmel Live The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Windy City LIVESteve Harvey TV Rickey Smiley Official FanPage or any of these other shows, have you ever realized that these guests are promoting something for us to buy.

I'm thinking that is pretty smart, just the other day, beverly johnson was here in chicago to speak at The BOSS Network 5th year anniversary set guess what she was doing all morning, promoting her products, services and the boss event- again selling us something.

So you are a business owner or you sell something, cars, computers, consulting, events, houses, loose squares(j/k) whatever- but you don't have at least a FREE profile at

and we are going to share your business profile with our audience that we are building just for you (because we know how, and very good at it), just like all the above mentioned people and the ones I left off for lack of time or just being lazy to look everyone of them UP- hey you get the point.

I know something that many of them may or may not know- what I know is I would at least have a FREE profile on each and everyone of them if I could and would go on each one of those shows back to back to back if I had a product to sell, just like beverly johnson did.

I say all of this to say... each one of the above have different markets, like I watch more kimmel than fallon- I'm a man so I can't have a profile on the boss network, it's for women, and if you're not a black friendly business owner- you can't be on Black Folk Hot Spots, our audience is more diverse though, because it's built around urban professionals, but I network with all with is one of the reason we are ranked in the top 250K websites in the world and going up everyday as far as traffic and that's what matters, that is why one would pick going kimmel vs fallon or vice versa- the audience that could potentially put more dollars in their pocket or fund their cause or buy their book, or download a cd- and isn't going to charge you an arm and leg to help grow your events and business.

A couple years ago, I was talking with a founder of a site similar to black folk hot spots at a networking event and he said you charge what???? How can you make it on $5/month?

I said people.. and left it at that! and then I said, how did Barack raise all that money when he ran for president- those $5 bills add up.

But unlike the people who you want to be like, jay z, beyonce, oprah, lebron, jordan, yall would rather be the buyers and not the sellers, and yall got shit to sell.

Make absolutely no sense to me... I will pay you $5 to share my business with 250K people. OUR goal is to share one million black business owners.

I already know, some people, no matter what you do for them will NEVER be 100% satisfied- no matter if you put a million dollars in their pocket and they only pay you $100- they will still find a reason, I've realized that it's not me, it's them and if you plot their business and life, you will find the same dots over and over- but that ain't none of my business, my business is to share your business and events and then put you in our rotation if you choose to pay us, if not I guarantee, we do more for you than you will ever do for us- I challenge you. Create your profile anna mae, at completely and let us go to work for your business and events.


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Comment by BFHS Network Chief Editor on May 18, 2015 at 4:40am

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