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Dang it’s a Boomerang ..."What you put out, you get back," and I get that... YOU?

I’m listening to a preacher tell his story about how he tithed and sowed seeds for his ministry 38 years ago. He seems to be a very sincere person and has had lots of success drawing to him blessings and miracles in resources, abundance and money. He’s speaking of the Boaz anointing. I'm not sure about it because I don't have personal experience with him but, the heart of what I'm getting from the message is, "What you put out, you get back," and I know about that...

What I can say is that once upon a time a Church leader sowed a seed of $100 into my life and taught me about praying for abundance. I tithed on that money and also started praying for monetary blessings, and I started finding checks, cash and attracted more resources almost immediately.

I remember those times – in my late 20s when I was ‘soaked’ in learning, attending and becoming a teacher through a ministry that was truly my home in Los Angeles... in my 40s now, I've accomplished things I couldn't have dreamed of and also lost a lot, and haven't accomplished things I just knew I would by now.

It’s interesting because as we get older, life happens and so do choices. There’s a level of confidence and also naïveté’ during stages of our lives. There are also times of fear coupled with the ability to be wise and discerning, even when experiencing life’s valleys. Somehow, we drift and that can create challenges, and also maturity.

It seems that as I get closer and closer to being bold in my mission – offering inspiration and solutions, setbacks happen and with each, I get new opportunities to trust God more and more. And, truth be told, it's uncomfortable. Can you relate?

What I can say is that whatever we think about, we bring about. I know that to be true. And there are also seasons in life. As we still have days in this year, my prayer continues to be for my proper place, with my proper people, along with the preparation and resources to serve. You see, the more God gives us, the more we can share. Our tests become our testimony – if we dare share them.

Remember that sometimes people don’t respond to you because they just don’t care. Yet, oftentimes, they just have other priorities. There are people who say, “I don’t like people” or “I want to help you build wealth but you must pay me first.” There are also people who are going through pain in their hearts, bodies, homes, careers and lives. And then there are people who ask you how you are, and when you tell them (hurt, lonesome, upset, feeling abandoned or broke), they lose your number or “forget to call back.” Guess what? If your heart and intentions are in the right place, it was a blessing that they got off your radar before your star shoots higher!

I just felt compelled to write a few words because life is not easy and there are real, compassionate, caring people in this world. I know that to be true. And, if we would start being more open, and yes, even vulnerable, we could help and support each other more. There are too many young people suffering because us older people are having difficult what you can to be healthier – in mind, body and spirit.

Prayer, reading the bible and listening for wisdom, guidance and direction are available 24 hours a day even if your ‘old friends’ are not. Do not be ashamed if you or your life, world or affairs has become a little shabby, worn or out of shape. Just change your focus and fill your thoughts, feelings and activities with good stuff and watch how your light can begin to reignite. Ask God to help you forgive you. Thank Him for already forgiving you. Then praise Him for providing all that you need to real-eyes that you are whole and complete, as you begin to demonstrate it.

Choose not to focus on the negativity and hate that too many people are being stuck in... Don’t worry about deleting people, they will fall off if and when they no longer have a purpose in your life/experience.

There are people in this world waiting on you. You are brilliant. #Be Inspired

From my heart,

Jo Lena Johnson, Be Inspired!

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