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BEAUTIFUL By: Kiexiza Rodriquez Avail NOw for ur E-READER


Beautiful is NOW, avail on smashwords for download to your e-reader!

Whether you have a kindle, nook, iPad, or want to read it on our computer, you can get your copy Now, Today by visiting my SmashWords page.

If you're waiting for the paperback book you can Reserve your copy TODAY for $10 and get the E-Book for $1=$11!

Send payment to Paypal email and enter Book/e-reader with your address info and ill send you the link for your FREE e-reader file.

Beautiful will be avail to the public in paperback on July 20th, here is your chance to pre-view the novel and see what all the Hype is about.


By: Kiexiza Rodriquez

The Beautiful Series, Vol. 1



"You're driving along the road of life..., all seems well…, quiet, when you look in your rear view mirror and your past is sitting there..., WAITING!”


You can never really move forward until you heal, and deal with the issues from your past.


Category: Inspirational Romance

Publisher: DiamondStar Entertainment

IBSN 13: 978-1-463-65039-1
ISBN 10: 1-463-65039-6

SmashWords ISBN: 978-1-4524-6673-6

LCN: 2011932578

Expectant Release Date: July 2011

Page count: 300

Size: 6x9, Paper Back

Business Website:
Radio Show:





Synopsis of Beautiful



Tierra Rodriquez, by most people’s standards is living the glamorous life. She is a successful business woman, who has worked her way up the male dominated ladder, at Baxwell Enterprisez, to land as head of the Marketing, Media and Entertainment Department, despite being haunted by ghosts from her past. But while she tries to juggle life, work, friendship, and a new love, Tierra finds her tightly wound cord of lies beginning to unravel for the first time in her adult life.
From trying her hand at love for the first time in her life, to estranged mother showing up at her doorstep, to her best friend laying her own set of secrets in her lap and a confession from her boss that shatters all she's knows so far. Tierra is tested to the brink of sanity and lands in the one place she swore she'd never return seeking solace.

After enduring the tragic death of the one he had searched so long for, Aquarian Skeene is hurt, confused and there is only one person on his mind, Tierra. Desiring to rekindle their lapsed friendship, and make good on a promise, he makes a phone call that’s seems to set off a series of events that takes them both down a path of unfamiliarity and uncertainty. As he tries to settle into his new job, and deal with his own secrets he is thrown into a life and death fight that brings everyone in both of their lives face to face testing not only their endurance but their faith.

With everything they know put on the chopping block on a daily basis, will these two get their act together and figure out what path they are destined to be on? Or will they continue to fall apart and      become victims of their own secrets and silent fears?


Check out what their saying about BEAUTIFUL


Word on da Street Publishing
Review by: Angela Robinson

Beautiful is an inspirational novel about love, faith and trust. Tierra, a businesswoman who worked her way to the top of the "All Boys Club", lost her trust in man and her faith in God...Aquarian, a man of God but also a man who had to discover himself and deal with his past. Best friends who shared everything from kindergarten to college and beyond will find they share one more thing: A love for each other. This novel touched me on so many levels. It made me re-evaluate my relationship with God, the strength of my faith and the love of those who I cherish the most. I would recommend that everyone read this book as it allows you to take look at yourself though the characters eyes and you will find that you will connect with one of them....
4.5 stars....Angela Robinson Editor Word On Da Street Publishing



SoFyh Magazine Online

Review by: Danielle Taylor


I really enjoyed this Novel "Beautiful" by Kiexiza Tashua Rodriquez for me I believe that Tierra (Ti) was a woman that had dealt with so much pain from her past. That she became numb to any kind of relationship other than her family and closest childhood friends and even with them she was very careful of what she shared. She feared they would pass judgment on her if they knew her dark secrets.

This was a love/romance story of a hardworking woman that had been suffering in silence for so long, that when she decides to allow herself to feel something for a guy she ignored her gut when it said it was all wrong.

Tierra then is faced to deal with the issues of being sexually assaulted, and having trust issues to even complicate things. She finds herself confused on the edge of losing the little sanity that she still has and finds herself on the couch with a therapist.

She had even given up on God, because to her in her eyes God had given up on her by allowing the horrible things in her life happen. There's Qu the boy next door the one person she trusted with her life, he had been her protector all their childhood.

Whenever you saw Tierra (Ti) you saw Qu. Deep inside Tierra's torn heart she knew that her best-friend Qu had feelings for her, but she was running from the truth, that she had strong feelings for him, but was afraid.

They shared almost everything, until things are revealed in the heat of rage. This novel "Beautiful" was by far a page turner, I had to keep changing positions as I curled up with this novel. One things is for sure "Beautiful" will make you laugh, cry, and wonder about the power of prayer, and your faith in God even have you to re-think what kind of relationship you have with God in the time of need and even make your heart skip a few beats just thinking about what will happen next.

I again enjoyed every single page, and the characters will keep you guessing as to what they will do. I'm looking forward to and is so anxious and ready to read the sequel. I'm going to have to give Kiexiza Rodriquez 5 stars! I highly recommend this book.



Rahiem Brooks of Prodigy Publishing Group

Rahiem Brooks
Prodigy Publishing

Tierra Rodriguez has it bad everywhere in her life, but her job. Well, she doesn’t have much by way of intimacy and passion, but she has been dealt a hand full of pain and misery. Through her job she finds some light in Malcolm Turner. But many around her don’t think that he is as bright as he appears. That doesn’t deter Tierra, though. Or, maybe it does and one reason maybe that Malcolm is a tad jealous of one of Tierra’s dearest friends. Will love and a move to the top of the corporate ladder prevail over Tierra’s past, or will she fall short of happiness?

I read an earlier version of Beautiful, and I have just completed an ARC, which I based this review. In Kiexiza’s revision of Beautiful, I am thoroughly impressed. The language is strong and powerful, and the story line is bold and tight. Yes, I absolutely recommend this as a read for anyone that is looking to read about a savvy woman that learns take care of herself first.



Authoress T. Miller
Debut novel "Out for Blood"

Beautiful Book review "*TP*
Kiexiza Rodriquez’s “Beautiful” is a must read. From the very beginning you will be drawn to her relationship with her friends, while watching the pieces of the mystery come into play. Weaved into a remarkable story¸ you’re left wanting more as the ending draws near. With more to come, I can’t wait to see what happens with the rest of the “Beautiful” series.




Beautiful by Kiexiza Rodriquez
Posted by Author D Leach
May 23, 2011 at 1:53 PM
Urban Books Authors Writers of America

The water in Tierra's shower, I can hear it. The droplets of water on her back, I can feel them. Beautiful is a story that takes on its own encounter with the mystical nature of Beauty itself. The story is welcoming and creates another level of intimacy between the words etched on each page and the reader anxiously holding the book. If you haven't got your hands on a copy, I don't know what you're waiting for!  Rating: 4.5 stars


FMI on Beautiful check out my Website

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