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Are you actively involved in your finances?

Readers are reluctantly answering this question.  Many are even wondering the purpose. Well, everything in life has a purpose and so does this question.


The motions of writing out a check to pay bills doesn’t indicate that you’re actively involved in your finances.  Rising each day to punch a clock and collect a paycheck also doesn’t mean that you’re actively involved in your finances.  Being actively involved in your finances means that you are aware of your:

The beginning to an end with your finances is knowing and understanding your situation.  If you have a spouse or partner who shares the responsibility, you must communicate with him/her too.  It’s important to devise a plan each week to eradicate your debt and build wealth.  A consumer can’t do so by walking around oblivious to his/her current financial state.  Eventually, matters will snowball into an uncontrollable dilemma.


The time has come to line up your pay stub, bills and all saving plans to become familiar with what is going on in your household.  Not knowing your net income because you receive direct deposit is an unacceptable excuse.  How will you know what to budget? How do you know if you’re living outside your means? If shouldn’t take a cut off notice for you to realize that you forgot to meet your obligation.


“Love yourself enough to support yourself.”


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Reported by Bahiyah Shabazz, MBA

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