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@missdananicole's Top 3 Reasons to Use A Travel Agent VS. Booking Online When Planning Your Next Trip

Before you book your next vacation online, you might want to read this! Are you thinking about booking a summer vacation package online? Or maybe booking a cruise online? If so, you may be wondering about the advantages and/or disadvantages of using travel agents vs booking online. Let me help you with this question.

You see, as a professional travel agent, I get this question quite often. Whenever a potential client asks why they should use a travel agent, I let them know the 3 reasons why they should use a travel agent vs booking online.

The first advantage of using a travel agent is to save time. Everyone is busy these days, why not use your time wisely by hiring a travel agent to research travel deals and book your travel for you. Time is a commodity you'll never get back, it just makes sense to use your time wisely whenever you can.

The second advantage to use travel agents vs online booking, is that travel agents are trained professions. Travel is our job and a good travel agent will have knowledge that a layman will not have. Plus it's a good chance that a travel agent will have first-hand knowledge of the travel destination you are wanting to travel to. Use a travel agent for their travel knowledge and travel resources, it's worth it.

The third advantage of using a travel agent is that by using a travel agent, you have an advocate in case something goes wrong on your trip. Most of those online travel booking sites have the terms and conditions in fine print and if you're not careful, you could really end up with something you don't want and once you get to your destination, if something goes wrong, it's you against the company, which can be an aggravating experience. By using a travel agent to book your trip, if something goes wrong, you have someone in your corner to help you navigate through the system and make things right for you. You see, travel agents have special relationships with travel vendors. Sometimes all it takes is one phone call from the travel agent, and everything is made right. Of course, if you booked online, you could be stuck out there on your own.

These are my three top reasons you should use a travel agent. If you're looking for a good travel agent, contact me at 1-877-529-9555 or visit my travel website to see the travel services I offer.



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