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15 Books On African Americans and History That You Need To Add To You Library Today! Dec 2014 Edition

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  1. Internet Entrepreneurship 101 for African Americans: Practical Methodologies for Achieving In Internet Business
    - Have you ever dreamed of what it would be like to venture out on your own and call your own shots in the business world? Does the freedom to plan your schedule the way you want and realize your own destiny as a business owner excite you? Does leading excite you more than following does? If so, this book was written with you in mind. For African Americans contemplating getting into Internet entrepreneurship and for those who might already be entrepreneurs, this book explains in a practical manner how to become an Internet entrepreneur from an African American perspective. From inception to exit, this book also gives you practical knowledge that you can use right away for any type of potential business endeavor. It also offers valuable advice for teaching yourself valuable skills to become the entrepreneur that you have always wanted to be to create generational wealth for your family.

  2. Black Fathers: A Call for Healing - Black men and women of all ages(I'm in my 20's) should read this. Even if they are not mothers or fathers(which I'm not). This book was written in great balance and reflection by Kristen Taylor. It was a confirmation of what I had always thought. A child's life is greatly impacted with a relationship with their father. A father needs to be in his kids lives to help guide, protect, motivate and inspire. There are fathers who failed at this most important responsibility. That responsibility gives the fathers that work hard a bad name. Our community needs more leaders and less followers. I'm glad the author pointed out how such a positive impact her father was. Imagine if our community could talk beautifully about our black fathers on Father's Day?

  3. Black Authors & Published Writers Directory 2014: Black Literary Marketplace by Grace Adams  - The Most Authoritative, Comprehensive And Up-To-Date Resource Available About The Black Literary Marketplace. Grace Adams' Black Authors & Published Writers Directory (BAPWD) was created for writers, and publishers who don't have time to research, and for librarians who simply need information about the publishing industry all in one place! The "ONLY ONE" of its kind, the Black Authors & Published Writers Directory helps: • Authors: Locate book publishers, song, film, and play producers, directors, and agents for your work(s). Includes literary associations, events, and festivals to help you sell your book. • Network with thousands of Top media professionals and organizations, radio and TV talk shows, newspapers and magazine editors, and marketing directors to help you market your book. • Provides client lists for publishing professionals and print production companies, as well as distributors, wholesalers, commissioned reps, and consultants. • Easy-to-read chapters reflect key sectors of the Publishing Industry - all alphabetized and categorized under author's name or service company, and subject matter.

  4. PowerNomics : The National Plan to Empower Black America by Dr. Claud Anderson Dr. Anderson does not compromise (like so many Black leaders of today) when discussing the core issues behind our bleak plight in this country- racism and economics. He attacks the 'improper behaviors' that we as blacks acquire through subconscious reinforcement, such as treachery, deceit, and 'Black Samboism' (a term I'm particularly fond of) e.g., siding with the racist majority in this country and seeking their favor at the expense of other Blacks. He also mentions a plethora of excellent economic, religious, educational, and COMMUNITY issues that only we as Black people can improve and refine upon.

    Dr. Anderson is also quite accurate in stating that Blacks will be 'a permanent, dependent underclass' if we do not begin to aggregate our resources (financial, educational, social, etc.)

    He also brings to light the sad fact of how this society is FIGHTING to marginalize and minimize Blacks as much as possible, to keep us the better 'ignorant, docile consumer'

    Moreover, how other minorities (Asians, Indians, and Arabs) seek economic opportunities in Black neighborhoods, often leaving a large 'vacuuming sound' in their wake having exploited Blacks for the money that we do have.


  5. Our Black Heritage Coloring Book (Black Jazz, Pizazz & Razzmatazz) by Carole Marsh This book is a life saver for my granddaughter, and it helps her to appreciate her culture more. At age 4, she loves
    appreciates seeing her people in books.

  6. Three Great African-American Novels: The Heroic Slave, Clotel and Our Nig (Dover Books on Literature & Drama) by Frederick Douglass This is slow reading to me as the writers have a tendency to repeat, but it is good for historical reasons. There is not enough stories although I am only half through it.

  7. Three African-American Classics: Up from Slavery, The Souls of Black Folk and Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass by W. E. B. Du Bois Booker T Washington, W.E.B.DuBois and Fredrerick Douglass are important historical figures in the black slavery experience. To me they are the Fathers of black American freedom and liberty from slavery. One cannot understand the personal and individual experiences that former slaves went through to gain their freedom until they come into contact with the lives of these former slaves.
    I highly recommend this book. You get three great books for the price of one, and the wealth of knowlege in this book would change your life forever, it has changed mine.

  8. Great Speeches by African Americans: Frederick Douglass by James Daley Interesting accounts of historic figures in african american history as displaced in the memorable speeches. Gives insight into the thinking and beliefs of some the great african american leaders of past and present times. If you are a historian of African american leaders or an avid reader, I would strongly recommend reading this book.

  9. Book of Black Heroes: Scientists, Healers, and Inventors (Volume 3) by Mr. Wade Hudson In SCIENTIST, HEALERS, AND INVENTORS, Wade Johnson provides a wealth of information about famous African-Americans who have made ingenious contributions. The book contains not only entries for several well-known individuals such as Benjamin Banneker and Madame C. J, Walker, it also includes several lesser-known individuals such as Susie King Taylor, a Civil War Nurse, and Jan Ernst Matzeliger, the inventor of the shoe-lasting machine (a machine that allowed for the mass production of shoes).
    This volume, the third in the Book of Black Heroes series, is educational and informative. Entries contain a picture and biographical information for each of the individuals. My only criticism is that the book reads like a textbook and may not hold the interest of children. Nonetheless, it is an excellent resource for children and adults alike, and would make a welcome complement to any home library.
    Reviewed by Latoya Carter-Qawiyy
    of The RAWSISTAZ Reviewers

  10. Brown Babies Pink Parents by Amy Ford I LOVE this book! We adopted our daughter 18 months ago and were in desperate need of advice when it came to skin and hair management as well as how to be a "good transracial parent." Amy Ford does an awesome job explaining things in this quick and easy to read book. I soaked it all in and have bought it for other friends who have adopted "brown babies." A must read for all pink parents with brown babies!!! Thank you Amy Ford!!!!!

  11. Dirty Little Secrets About Black History : Its Heroes & Other Troublemakers by Claud Anderson It was amazing to watch my two teen girls get some of the history of America filled in. They now have a better understanding of the why's and hows of history in the Americas.

    My girls are now ready to not allow anyone tell them that they are inferior just because they are Black. They know if they fail it is because they are not working hard enough and/or not in the right place at the right time. They know that they can because despite the Americas prejudice, there were blacks that were so successful that they had to be removed from history by jealous writers of American history.

    Thanks for the new pride.

  12. 1001 Things Everyone Should Know About African American History by Jeffrey C. Stewart There are many good books of reference on African American history published. However, this one ranks among the best. Well written, user-friendly layout, addressing a broad range of topics, this is recommended for a home or classroom library to teach that all members of a society contribute to its advancement and that our society must be inclusive of all members. Every child can be proud of his or her cultural and historical heritage in a country created by immigrants.

  13. 100 Artists Who Shaped World History by Barbara Krystal The book was thoughtful and contained information and facts that inspired me to visit my local museums to view the actual work. I also purchased individual books containing the works of those artists I felt more attached to. Each entry was meticulously filled with fascinating materials that clearly detailed the life of each artist, including anecdotes, their reception in the art world, and was written in a manner that brought these artists to life. The author clearly made these artists accessible to everyone and was extremely dilligent in her research to include a myriad of women and a variety of genres. Quite the compilation!!!!!!

  14. 100 African-Americans Who Shaped American History (100 Series) by Chrisanne Beckner When I saw this book on this website, I had to purchase it . There are so many positive Black Icons who have shaped society and this is the perfect book for elementary school children to use as a reference . I recommend this book to everyone who has children.

  15. Hidden Colors Part 1, 2 & 3 - Brand NEW SET COLLECTION-  I had these DVD's recommended to me by a family member, so I decided to purchase them. The vast amount of emotions I felt both while and after watching these DVD's was incredible! Sadness, anger, disbelief, happiness, etc. However, the one emotion that I was left with more than anything, was PRIDE! I have never felt such pride in being Black until after I watched these history lessons. Society has taught us that our history and pride as Black people started once we fought for our freedom from slavery. These documentaries though, illustrate brilliantly the enormous yet concealed contributions that Black people have made to World History and the things we as Blacks can do today to begin to turn things around.

    An absolute must see for all people, especially for Black people!


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