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@sheekorganics: 10 Tips to Sell More Books/Articles on Amazon, 26 books sold in 24 hours- and I'm a newbie!

10 Tips to Sell More Books/Articles on Amazon


So you’ve decided to write a book and make it available on Amazon.  Great choice as Amazon is still the world’s largest online retailer.  Whether you decide to distribute a hard copy using Amazons Create Space , publish in Kindle with KDP Select, or both, there are a few tips that I have found beneficial in selling more books.


  1. Author Central- purpose for creating your Author’s page is not necessarily to sell tons of books here but to connect with your readers.
    • Biography- Your biography should tell your readers about your writing style, what kind of writing you do, and how your readers can find out more about it.  Avoid telling your readers every detail of your life.  Keep it short, sweet, informative, and have a call-to-action.  Visit my page I would love to connect with you.
    • Books- List your book(s) on this page...of course
    • Twitter/Blog- Ensure that you use the twitter function so that your readers can easily connect with you.  There is also and area where you can input your blog rss feed making information from your blog available on your Authors page.  Pretty sweet right?!  (tip: your rss address is different from your url address.  My blog is a wordpress blog making my rss feed  Let me know if you have trouble with this via twitter @afrokilla or facebook.
    • Videos/Photos- Again make sure this is a relevant video giving your reader insight. Videos are perfect opportunities for your readers to hear, see, and connect with you.  (I’m still working on my video).  As far as photos go, I’ve read that photos of yourself are most appealing to your readers.  It’s ok to be a little vain here, after all, you wrote a book!!! Not everyone can say that!!
    • Events-If your are doing a book tour or an event promoting your work, this is where you would gedder done


Once you have your Author’s page set up you will have a short link with your signature which you can use as your email signature to direct readers to your page!  You can post this short link anywhere! Yes, even on facebook.  There are instructions on how to use the short link with different email providers.  Like I said, the Author’s page is not going to sell a ton of books; however, you would be surprised at how many more books you might sell by having one.  You will connect with your readers as well as other authors and you will direct traffic back to your blog which hopefully has your book on it.


  1. Listmania! Check it out.  So Amazon allows you to create favorite lists and these lists pop up when customers are searching different things on Amazon.  For example I created a list called The Best Poetry Ever and I listed my book and two others.  So now when customers search best poetry there’s a good chance my book will show up on a recommended list.  Who knew?! You can create a list by typing in the name of your book in Amazon search, look to the left and there will be an option to create a list.  Very easy, yet effective way to gain exposure for your book.


3. So you’d like to guide-

These little guides are all over Amazon and they’re created by people just like you.  They are created to help     customers find information or products that they might be interested in (like the best poetry books ever *wink).  Very easy to do.  I named my guide “So you’d like to find the best poetry ever written? Ha! So of course I list my book with description along with a few others and BOOM! More free marketing! So put your creative thinking caps on and create an awesome guide right to your pockets. Cha Ching!


  1. Search inside feature-

Seems like a no-brainer right? Well unless you publish on kindle you actually have to enroll in this program.  Enrolling in Search Inside is important because it enables sampling of your book, 1-click purchasing, and improves search results as Amazon lists books according to what is inside the book as well as by Title, Author, etc..


  1. Yes! Go here! This is the social networking heaven for book readers and writers.  You set up your profile, list books you’ve read (such as your book), books youre going to read, reviews on books (your own review is great), and there are many groups that you can join to socialize, network, and promote your work.  At Shelfari you can add all kinds of goodies to your book such as favorite quotes, table of contents, summaries, synopsis, characters, etc. that will show up in the description as well in customers searches.  I’m still working on my profile but I already have some great ideas brewing.


  1. Tag this product feature- You can add an unlimited amount of tags in Shelfari to help customers find your book. You can also add tags on your Amazon Profile which ill be discussing shortly


  1. Write a book review- Once you have profiles set up you can write book reviews for different authors that will ultimately lead the readers back to you.  Ill be working on writing reviews for best sellers because that just makes sense right?? And since I’m a book every other day reader this shouldn’t be a tedious task and well worth it


  1. Amazon Profile- Different from the Authors page.  This is your profile for all of Amazon.  Here you will find your book and blog information, your favorite music, books, your lists and guides you’ve made, customer images , etc.  There is an icon on the right side of your profile page that will allow you to publish your favorite things to a website or blog (including your book).  Here’s my page  This girls book is everywhere!


  1. Connect/Network with other authors on Amazon often.  Building relationships and offering support is imperative to selling more books.  You would be surprised at the wealth of knowledge the seasoned Authors are willing to share.


  1. Pay it forward- Don’t be afraid to share what you know and learn.  Call it Karma, give and it shall be given, or whatever you want to name it.  It’s a law like gravity.  What you give away comes back, what you keep for yourself you will eventually lose.


I sold 26 books in 24 hrs by following these steps and helping others along the way. You would be surprised at how much will come back your way by your hard work, faith, consistency, and giving.  Remember your talents don’t make room for you, your gifts do.


Here is my book,

Poetry Passion Purpose [Kindle Edition],

that you can preview on Amazon right now! 

Nicole Resheka Tatum author of Poetry Passion Purpose available at, strives to bring the "Good News" of the strides of African Americans by writing informative articles and extraordinary poetry that empowers Blacks to actualize the greatness that our forefathers fought and died for. As we discover the truth we eliminate excuse.


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