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List of Black Owned Banks In the US that you can move your money to today! #BankBlack #MoveYourMoney

Over the next few weeks, We will be compiling a list for you to share and open new accounts at black owned banks across the United States and Beyond. We do not endorse any of these banks- so you will have to do your own research to make sure it's a bank that will…


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@coachtishawn @Tash1216: #Gifted #Entrepreneur, #Talented #Atl #Show Stopper, & a #Jazzy #Reporter = @QTJAZZ!

Photo Credit: Rod at Photo Magic Studios

This Princess is taking the Entertainment Industry by Storm…


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Why did you sign up and create your business profile at Black Folk Hot Spots?

Great you're in :) Plus a quick question...

I really appreciate you joining us at Black Folk Hot Spots aka, and I know you will love it when you see how easy it is for you to get more exposure for your business, events, projects and meet other awesome black business owners around the globe to…


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My 9 rules for business and personal relationships... if you can dig this- then we are good to go!

My 9 rules for business and personal relationships... 


1. If you have a problem with me, come to me privately.

2. If I have a problem with you, I will come to you privately.

3. If someone has a problem…


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So Many Reasons Why Black Folk Hot Spots dot com needs to know about your #BLACKbusiness and Events Today... that we stopped counting!


 If we say it, you don't believe us, if "they" say it- then it must be the truth! WE DO MORE than any #Network out there! #testimonies! #facts!


  1. From…

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@gioperation: 6 things that lead to POVERTY... master these all the way to the bank!!!

1. INDIFFERENCE. Commonly expressed through lack of ambition; willingness to tolerate poverty; acceptance

of whatever compensation life may offer without protest; mental and physical laziness; lack of initiative,

imagination, enthusiasm and self-control

2. INDECISION. The habit of permitting others to do one's thinking.…


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How To Post Events on @bfhsnetwork That Will Get More Exposure and Grow Your Business and events!!!

Log in and post your events so we can share them and add them to our rotation- and lets grow some businesses!

Over the last few years…


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Wear Your Support for Black Business -Click and Order Now!

Advertise and market your business and help raise support black business awareness.

Click here or below on one of the shirt images to order one of these Support Black Business Shirts- Choose between unisex tees, women's fitted tees or a tank in several sizes and colors, just use the drop-down to choose sizes,…


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Check out This #SupportBlackBusiness Statement T-Shirt and order one today!

Please click on the color and style of shirt and order one today... after you order, please forward your order confirmation to so that we can comp you 30 days of premium full access membership to thank you in advance. Order must be completed by 11pm tonight thank you.…


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Click to Vote: Which #SupportBlackBusiness T-shirt D0 You Like the best?

Please help us know which color is the best... Click to Vote on the which color you like the best... The words or the Stamp! Thank you in advance.

Support Black Business T-Shirt- Click HERE or image below to Vote!

Support Black Business T-Shirt- …


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TEN Most Active @BFHSnetwork #BlackBusiness Owners for December 2013- to connect with today!

*From the Desk of the CEO of Black Folk Hot Spots*

Here are the most active members for the last 30 days ...which makes them the featured members for December…


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@ChangingOasis >>>Big Shout out to Ryan aka @gioperation CEO of The @BFHSNetwork #NEVERFORGET


Ryan is like a big brother to me. He took time out of his busy schedule and showed me how to make my business grow. He didn't have to do it, but he did. The main thing that stuck out of him coaching me, is I have to be consistent and speak positive affirmation into my life everyday. Thanks Ryan you are the best.…


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Several things you need to know right now about

Basic membership (free) allows you tell us about your business and a little bit about you and links to your social media properties which we share and alert our social media networks that you are now a member of our network and that you exist. As well as giving your business another high ranking link in the search engines. (As a member you also…


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One Marketing Idea For Your Small Black Business -that you can put into place RIGHT NOW!

Want a Free Eblast telling over 20,000 about your business and events Today- Here's how!

Get a free eblast for your business or events to 20k all you have to do is complete a profile at …


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JOIN ME AT THE 2013 URBAN HANGOVER II - #Vegas Getaway!! JULY 26-28, 2013 CLICK FOR MORE INFO and Bonuses from @bfhsnetwork!!!

JOIN ME AT THE 2013 URBAN HANGOVER II - #Vegas Getaway!! JULY 26-28, 2013 CLICK FOR MORE INFO and Bonuses from @bfhsnetwork!!! [Read all the way to the end for bonus info]

The stage is set for the most exciting summer experiences you have ever had! Urban Hangover II is designed to offer you one of…


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How to post a perfect event... to gain max exposure on BLACK FOLK HOT SPOTS TODAY!

Posting a perfect event on the BFHS Network does wonders for your events exposure, we can send it to a million people but if it constructed poorly it will have no effect on the masses that see it- so I was actually going to go create one- but today Sean A...…


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50 Interns Wanted: The BFHS Network is looking for 50 Interns nationwide -ASAP!!!

50 Interns wanted... Learn unique business skills, learn social media the right way, get paid for your activity and walk away with a thriving internet business of your own -if you want- you don't have to be local to me, but you must have a cell phone, laptop or tablet with web cam, internet access or access to a local…


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The Top Five Red Lipsticks that will work for and on Black Women!






I have had a love affair with red lipstick for as long as I can remember.  As a little girl, I remember visiting my great-grandmother and being completely mesmerized by her red lips and the way she would also put a…


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Statistics Summary for Follow the growth!

Statistics Summary for as of 10/30/2011

The BFHS Network is the leading Social Network and Directory for Business and Events for the African American Business Professional Community across the globe!

Statistics Summary for…


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eblast Marketing from The BFHS Network... Our Email Blast Service is Calling; Can we give you more EXPOSURE!!!

Want more EXPOSURE FOR YOUR EVENT- ...feature your event or get an eBlast for your event? Which one makes sense for your budget?


#1: Your EVENT Stays on the home page- which gets seen by more people that any…


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