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Erica Chism, Stream Cosmetics
  • Female
  • Mundelein, IL
  • United States
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Pro Makeup Station For Sale

Professional Makeup Stations by Stream Cosmetics

Stream Cosmetics sells a great makeup station. Lit, Rolling, Portable, 41.5 lbs, able to check on the plane, mirror inside, legs fold up inside the bottom, internal outlets, etc. Great deal for only $499! Compare with others selling at $999 - $700. Ships anywhere in the US and Canada. Buy online at Erica Chism, Distributor #1054


An exquisite Black makeup case adorned with sophisticated chrome decals. This case is 2 long by 1.5' wide and is ample enough to contain all of your Stream cosmetics and accessories. This self standing case has a mirror with pull out compartments in which you can organize and easily access all of your products. Rolling wheels at the bottom give this case the ease of transportation like those of regular luggage. **Lightbulbs not included**

Save money on your makeup with dignity

I was most disturbed today when the GMA ABC segment on money-saving tips involved sweeping up broken powder makeup pieces off the floor with your brush into a baggie and using it with the "5-min rule" EEEWWWW!!! Then she joked about avoiding the dog hair! Who else thinks this is gross?

While I am a fan of being frugal, I am concerned about the hygiene AND the dignity of the advice to use old, broken makeup swept up from the floor with your makeup brush:

1.     HYGIENE:
The  tip to use broken makeup from the floor requires that the powder compact was broken on a hard floor (not carpet). Most areas of the home where makeup is and there is a hard floor (like the bathroom, hallway, or even the kitchen) are highly trafficked and can have bacteria or chemicals that would not be good on the face.

Would you drop your toothbrush on the floor and then not wash it off before use? Then why would you put particles swept up from the floor on your face?

If you have a floor with dirt, dust, or “bathroom related” bacteria it can cause an infection or irritation. Even if your floor is “comet clean”, residue from cleaning products swept up into the makeup can also be an irritant to delicate facial skin and eyes.

2.     DIGNITY:
If you are in the position that financially that last bit of makeup is really valuable to contemplate saving, we all have been in a money-pinch or are there now,…is THIS the way you want to start your day?

Makeup should help add confidence to how we see ourselves so we exude the person that we want others to meet in us. Does this process of applying makeup from the floor make us feel our worth and respect? I will answer, “No.”

The process of how you apply your makeup is an acting-out of how we care for ourselves and what we feel we deserve. Would you sweep that makeup off the floor and give it to another person to use? No? Then why would you do that to your own face?

The best way we can care for ourselves is to use healthy makeup application processes and there are many options within our budgets.

Shopping tips for healthy makeup that is affordable, long-lasting, and will NOT break all over:

·        Use makeup that is not contaminated by dipping tools into it in the process of application.
·        Use makeup that is well contained in a spill/ break resistant container.
·        Use an applicator that can be washed, cleaned, or disposed of /replaced to prevent bacteria.

#1 Powder Option: Clean storage and clean application

Stream Cosmetics Finishing Powder in a .06 oz portable size – The powder is contained in the cylinder and a push-button pump gives a gentle puff of air through the container to push just the right amount of powder into the attached brush. Just remove the brush cap, give the button on the end a quick push with your thumb, and you are ready to apply.

This loose powder leaves a natural, translucent finish and provides superior long lasting wear. Mineral based with oil control formula ideal for touch-ups. The best part is that the makeup remains clean and uncontaminated while the brush remains protected and clean in your bag or kit. (Plus the brush can be screwed off to wash if ever desired.)
You can buy this powder online, only $24 at

#1 Foundation Option… AND Eyeshadow... AND Blush… AND Bronzer Options:
     Drop in and
airbrush for hands free application and no contamination

Airbrush makeup is not only an excellent option for the best foundation application but it is versatile enough to also apply your blush, eyeshadows, and bronzer hands-free. The makeup comes in plastic bottles, making it travel and drop friendly. The makeup itself is dropped into to the stainless steel stylus’ cup and then sprayed onto the face in a light, controlled mist. This keeps makeup applied bacteria free. The tool rinses quickly rinses with water. 

Airbrush is now an affordable option for home use thanks to Stream Cosmetics and costs fit in most makeup wearer’s budgets. Stream Cosmetics offers a complete makeup system that not only includes the airbrush system itself, but also the makeup. Refills cost about the same as most quality makeup found at your local Target, Ulta, or department store. However, the makeup saves you on the cost of disposable applicators, quantity used, and shelf-life. Plus, finishing powder is optional with the matte finish airbrush foundation.

·        Investment in a system that comes with several months worth of makeup can start at ~$180. You get the airbrush PLUS primer, 4 foundations, blush, highlighter, and bronzer
·        The refills are as low at $29 for a large foundation and a regular size primer that lasts ~ 2 months with daily wear, 6-10 drops per day.

·         Blushes, eyeshadows, and bronzers can be purchased for less than $20 each and last even longer than the foundations as you only use 1-3 drops for a complete look.

If you want to consider airbrush as an option to getting both health and dignity from your makeup than you should contact me, Stream’s Nationwide Distributor- #1054 Erica Chism. We can schedule an appointment for you to try Stream airbrush with a distributor near you. Shop online now!

(I am a Stream Cosmetics Certified Airbrush Makeup Artist and Stream distributors are provided with training on teaching you about airbrush. If you would be interested in selling Stream contact me for details or watch )

Stream Cosmetics 
Business Opportunity Details
All the answers you need to know to decide if an airbrush business is for you:
  • Who is Stream Cosmetics?
  • Why direct sales for airbrush?
  • How to I get started with a Stream Starter Kit?
  • How do I earn profits?
  • How much profit can I expect?
  • What are the monthly requirements? (*spoiler alert, NONE)
  • and MUCH More!

Ready to Join me in the team?

Have more questions? Call me 847-918-9080

$499 Makeup Station - Lit, Rolling, case with legs and power outlet inside

A Makeup Artist's DREAM!

The perfect Makeup Station:
  • Portable with rolling wheels and handle link luggage
  • 6 Sockets for lighting plus light switch inside
  • Inner electrical outlet for airbrush or styling products
  • Telescopic legs included and attached
  • and MORE...
(also great for stylists, pageants, salons, and freelancers)

Watch this ~5 min presentation to see how it sets up and all the features inside and out.

If you are in love by the end, ORDER IT ONLINE at

Only $499 and ~$34 shipping US and CANADA

BEST price online for this top quality. Compare to other online retailers who are selling at $700- $900+!

Stream Cosmetics is an airbrush company which is why this station is priced affordable for airbrush makeup artists to use. You do not need to be a Stream Distributor to purchase at BUT if you would like to join the team it is only $50 and once activated you enjoy wholesale pricing. Salons and Spas welcome! Call Erica Chism (#1054) for details 847-918-9080

STREAM Airbrush cures makeup horders

So was I the only one who had an unhealthy obsession with makeup even that which I never wore or used? Uh, no.... it gets to even the best of us Glamazons...

Kim Coles was on The Nate Burkus Show and she outed herself as a makeup addict with MOUNTAINS of makeup in her bathroom. I was talking to the TV sreen and was yelling "Girl... Get the airbrush and throw all that trash away!" She admitted that she gets lots of swag, loves makeup, and obviously likes variety. (She is in my GLAMAZON club... in my head of course )

Nate helped her organize it but I am sending her the cure :)
The advice to get Stream airbrush makeup :)  (I LOVE HER!)


A recent article on SmartBreif highlighted that since the age of 6 we are natural collectors and that toy makers have figured it out how to capitolize on it. It made me wonder.... has the conventional makeup industry been doing the same?

I think the conventional makeup industry has also figured out what psychologists and the toy industry already knew and knows it does not change... girls, now women, just horde makeup instead!

"At about age six, children will start hoarding categories of things. Manufacturers who acknowledge that in kids have a good thing going." And "From the ages of 3 to 6, children like to classify and collect objects by size, color and shape; from the ages of 5 to 7 boys and girls alike tend to aim for quantity, competing to see who has more, says Bruce Sanders, a consumer and organizational psychologist who writes about the psychology of retailing"

So it is not a far fetched thought that women could be buying more makeup than they need under the guise that "the one with the most toys, makeup wins." This would explains the 66 color shadow box with low quality, low-pigment cheap color that is snapped up for $10 by women across the country every holiday season. They are valuing quantity over quality. Also buying what will NOT work for you and your skin merrits you nothing but a box of unused makeup. Also, you develop the ability to be easily seduced by lots of color and a low price. So what is the alternative, can we be saved from makeup hording?

How airbrush makeup helped me quite hording makeup:

When I started wearing Stream airbrush makeup it really changed what and the amount of makeup I really needed. For months and months of when I had tried all kinds of tubes of this and that trying to get a foundation match. I ended up with a plastic shoe box and zipper bag of cosmetics that I knew were not working for me but I had paid for so felt defeated tossing them. All that old makeup ended up in the trash the 1st day I wore the Stream airbrush makeup. I kept only the lip glosses and even then I really only needed the clear because I use the airbrush color on the lips too!

How airbrush helped me kick the habit:

  1. Elimination of temptation
    I had been excusing my buying and trying because I was chasing a product that would work with my skin color, scars, and oily tendencies. Stream airbrush foundation addressed all of that so I had no need to buy more foundations and with a matte finish that lasts all day no need to cakey pressed powders anymore. No more need to buy and try, I found the right one. I stick to it.
  2. Taught me quality OVER quantity
    Stream's foundations, shadows, and blushes are high pigment and GOOD quality thus the color shows and stays even if it is a sheer application. A Stream eyeshadow Duo is less than $30 plus just 2 tiny drops of the Onyx is enough to do 2 smoky eyes so the bottles last close to forever! Because Stream is dropper dispensed into the airbrush versus dipping a brush, wand, or sponge into a container... the bottle of Stream stays clean and uncontaminated, bacteria free which give a longer shelf life and quality. I would rather have a few Stream bottles of what I KNOW will look great and work every time that boxes and cases of powders and cakes that don't match my skin, don't show up when on, or fade before lunch is over in the day.
  3. Fed my creative itch
    I love variety and choices so when faced with the ability to get a super pallet of shadows I was sucker. But, Stream gives me the same affordable ability to have choices but my color range is infinite because I can blend ANY of thee Stream airbrush cosmetics together-- the metallics, the mattes, the shimmers, etc. All can be blended in the tool, with as little as 1 drop of each shade, for unique and beautiful results. I can do more with just a few shades; contouring, highlighting, shading... I can do it all! And I love the compliments!

If you want to cure your makeup hording, contact me about buying and wearing Stream Cosmetics airbrush makeup. I am nationwide 847-918-9080 For more catalogs and info go to

If you love makeup that much, you should sell it too and make it pay for itself! Join the team!

Erica Chism, Stream Cosmetics Certified Airbrush Makeup Artist & Spray Tanning

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Jul 25, 2011
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"Special deal JUST FOR TODAY that gets you a FREE concealer, powder, AND 2 eyeshadows with your airbrush system."
Jun 30, 2011
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"Great Kimberly! We are both in the Chicagoland area so I can come do a party on a date that we can both spend a fun hour or two with friends and airbrush. I attached a catalog and a PDF FAQ I created for my airbrush party hostesses.We can take the…"
Jun 2, 2011
Erica Chism, Stream Cosmetics commented on Erica Chism, Stream Cosmetics's group Stream Cosmetics- Airbrush Makeup Artists
"Is the GALMINAR a "pamper" event? NO. :) Stream and Jockey P2P will be giving advice and techniques that you can take home and do every and any day. Indulgence with empowerment! DO a woman's makeup she is hot for a day, but TEACH her…"
Jun 2, 2011
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Jun 1, 2011

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I am a Stream Cosmetics Certified Airbrush Makeup Artist & Airbrush Spray Tan Specialist, I am also Beauty Advisor and Distributor #1054. I have nationwide clients as well as lead a business team of airbrush artists and distributors. I teach clients the health benefits of our mineral based water based airbrush makeup. I show them how to attain flawless results with sheer coverage of perfectly matching airbrushed foundations, blushes, bronzers, shimmers, and shadows. I also train distributors recruited to begin their own Stream businesses
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