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From the founder of Black Folk Hot Spots...
I noticed IN 2008, that there is not one place on the internet that connects black business and events on or offline- there are plenty of sites where we are listed, but going through them- you have no clue if a place is a black business or a venue where the audience will be majority black- so I set out to change that- and came out with The BFHS Network where black business and professionals can network with each other- and Black Folk Hot Spots, a Directory, where you can find 51% majority black-owned businesses. We are looking for black urban BUSINESS professionals that would like to network and build with one another- if that is you- then please feel free to create a profile today!

The Benefits of being a member of the BFHS Network are so many to mention... since 2008, we have continued to thrill our members by promoting their profiles, their businesses, their events, their thoughts that they leave on their blogs, discussions, their videos and photo's, event their social media profiles!

The time has come that we are ready to move and take more market share so that our BFHS Network members can and will receive an even bigger share of their market share in their particular niches!

In less than few years -by doing the above things and showcasing our members events and business we have moved up from being just a place- to "The Place" in the short period of time- we have become a top site according to -an independent site that measures and compares web property traffic- much like Nielsen does for TV and Radio!

We have simply done all that we have done without any MAJOR advertising, as it has been simply done by word of mouth [see what others have said about the BFHS Network here] in the past we have asked for donations to keep the site up and running- so today we are going to make some slight changes to the keep the BFHS Network up and running- we will begin charging a monthly membership fee- but like we always do- we will do even more that what we are paid to do.

Here is what we will do...
-We will still ask for donations- Why Not? We need as much as we can get!
-Every Blog Post, Video, Event, Discussion, New Profile - will be shared with our 250,000 plus Social Black Urban Professionals on Approval- [all must be in good taste] and we will properly optimize it for the search engines - pretty much what we have done for add-on paid entries in the past- now everyone will get them!!! That will help the site as a whole as now we will receive even more traffic- as of this writing- the average visitor to the BFHS Network already views 28 unique pages- so this will allow more people outside of BFHS to see more things- sort of like one big ole mall! [This is huge- I'm getting excited just writing it]


Please consider support us and black business globally by ordering a shirt or hoodie TO HELP BRAND THE SUPPORT BLACK BUSINESS MOVEMENT- CHECK HERE!

What will we do with the monies collected?
#1 We will create a non-profit organization in 2015 - that will center around kids and entrepreneurship- we believe that more kids are exposed to entrepreneurship, especially at an early age- they more they will want to create jobs for themselves and others- and depend less on the system- if we don't catch them when they are young and steer them in the right direction- then we could lose them to the streets, as the streets will teach them business skills that will land them in jail or the cemetery- in which cases no one wins!

#2 It will allow us to attend trade show events, conventions, conferences, and the like to network more and more- to help grow more exposure for the BFHS Network which will benefit your business- by bringing in even more traffic- and networking/partnering opportunities to help grow your business on and off-line!

#3 It will allow us to bring on a webmaster to keep the site updated with changes for the future and it will also allow us to add staff and add additional tools to help grow your businesses! We are currently looking for a PR Intern that we can eventually bring on board full-time -if you know one, have them create a profile and contact us.

#4 We will also create a bank- where we will give upstart black businesses working capital to give their business idea a running start!

Now you are probably asking- What are the Charges?

Now that is a sweet deal, isn't it?

Basically for the cost of BUYING US A CUP OF GOOD COFFEE- you can get more!!!

If you have any questions- please call 219-512-9910 or email

Credit and Debit Cards accepted through paypal!!!

More Good stuff coming as I think about it!!!

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