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Why advertising ON the BLACK FOLK HOT SPOTS Network will help you gain more exposure for your Business & EVENTS TODAY

Why advertising with the BFHS Network will help you gain more exposure for your Events and Business.

  • The BFHS Network averages 50,000+ page views daily! [Global top 500K and US Ranks-100K in terms of traffic] You can check here
  • We have a Fan Page that has over 45,000+ Active Fans looking for what you do!
  • We have over 70,000+ followers on Twitter!
  • The BFHS Network Membership site has over 2,100+ Black Business Professionals with 95% of our members being business owners either part or full-time!
  • The CEO is all about helping you grow your business and will drop everything to give advice on helping you grow your business!
  • We have 4,198+ connections on Linked In and growing daily!
  • Over 30,000 people have opted into our mailing listing to find out what is going on where they are, plus they are looking to do business with Black Businesses in their Area!
  • The Demographics for The BFHS Network male/female is as follows: Women = 65% Men = 33% Unk = 2%
  • The Demographics for The BFHS Network age range is as follows: 25-54 is appx 58% Females and 50% of the Females fall in the 25-44 age group 25-54 is appx 29% Male and 24% of the Males fall in the 25-44 age group
  • Our Main cities that we have the biggest footprint are the following... Chicago, Indianapolis, Issaquah Wa, Atlanta, Kansas City, Dallas, NYC, Waterloo On, Minneapolis, DC, Los Angeles, San Diego and Houston!
  • Our Main Country is US, followed by Canada and the UK and mostly English speaking!
  • Each post on the Fan Page get seen on avg by appx 2500 people!

The Black Folk Hot Spots brand and company consists of 2 sites IN ONE, one a highly search engine optimized Network which is known as the BFHS Network and the other is our beginning - our Black Business Directory, which is also highly optimized as well, known as the BFHS and we are currently working on combining the 2, but at this time- we have not!  "BFHS" acts as the site with the featured events- when a non-member wants to feature their event or business it's placed on "BFHS" only, unless they join the "BFHS Network" which is more of a self-serve! We can pretty much customize some type of advertising to gain more exposure for your Business or Events- that is what sets us apart from others- we love to think outside the box- case in point of why we continue to grow- and why we know you can get well over 75,000 eyes to view your Business or Events in our short time of being in existence- we think we are the internet!

Actually that is what one BUSINESS OWNER called our CEO and we liked it so he claimed it "The King of the Internet"

Here are a few things that have worked for other BUSINESS OWNERS... that will probably work for you as well!

All posted events today get featured...

*The Benefit is that as your event stays on the first page and as it gets closer to the day... your event will get shown no less than 5 times to 250,000+ of our Social Urban Professional Connections- plus your event will get sent to the 2,100+ members of the site here on the BFHS Network through email!

*We will also optimize your business and events to get better traffic from the search engines to increase your page rankings in google!

**The Social Networks that we have the biggest footprint on is as follows... Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, google plus, you tube and LinkedIN- there's not one network out there that does what we do- or have the footprint that we have! and if you find one that does what we do for Black Business for less- then we will match their price and give you a 10% discount on top of that! [must have comparable proof numbers of our network and traffic will be the judge]

For an Extra Investment... you can add...
Facebook Advertising- $10 set up and 30% of ad budget- The Black Folk Hot Spot Fan page can reach over 3 million people on Facebook any given day!
LinkedIn Groups and Advertising- $10 Set up and 30% of ad budget Reach =10,131,964+ professionals
Twitter Tweets- only $2.95 per tweet or 10 for $23.95
Google Advertising- $10 set up and 30% of ad budget
Banner Ads- on The BFHS Network start at only $1.00/day and caps at $6/day with 4 different Banner Spot on BFHS
$25/month or $1/day
$75/month or $3/day
$100/month or $4/day
$150/month or $6/day
***Save 20%*** by going monthly

Email Marketing + Biz Blast to 30,000+ email opt black urban professionals consumers only $97
BFHS Biz Blast -to 250,000+ and growing Social Media Connections- only $6.25/mo


About The BFHS Network: taken from -an independent site like Nielsen that measures and ranks traffic to website across the web, that updates stats daily on 280+ million websites globally!

The BFHS Network | Black Folk Hot Spots

The BFHS Network is the leading Social Network and Directory for Business and Events for the African American Business Professional Community across the globe!

Statistics Summary for as of 6/30/2015

There are 541k sites with a better three-month global Alexa traffic rank than BFHS has a relatively... visitors to BFHS spend about 52 minutes per visit to BFHSNETWORK.COM. Visitors to BFHS view an average of 58.0 unique pages per day. Roughly 13% of visits to are bounces (one pageview only). Click this link to compare our site with others that you know of- and see where we stack up!  The Proof is in the numbers- that's what matters, right? Visitors to The BFHS Network view more unique pages than Google, Facebook and Twitter during their visits!

And a host of other opportunities for exposure for your business- that we can't reveal to the public- that are many trying to duplicate our success and figure out "how we do it", our only thing is we do it right!


Call with any question Right AWAY- 219-512-9910 [ask for Ryan]


Website Analytics {not all website developers understand SEO} We will analyize your website and social media to make sure it is on par with your vision {1 hour blocks} book a free 30 minute session with us -Click here

BE A Guest on BFHS Network SUPPORT BLACK BUSINESS TV #sbbTV -Create or update your profile to say I would like an interview or click here to send us an email!

"Support @bfhsnetwork for FREE by doing your Amazon shopping through this link (bookmark it!)"


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“The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time”

Why Is It... A man wakes up in the morning after sleeping in an advertised bed, washes with an advertised soap, shaves with an advertised razor, sits down and drinks advertised tea or coffee, drives to work in an advertised car and writes with an advertised pen. Then... He refuses to advertise, saying "Advertising doesn't work". But when his business fails, he finally advertises: "Business for Sale" - Anonymous


"BFHS is like feeding your marketing efforts STEROIDS!!!"

The BFHS Mission!!!


“The more people who join and use, the more useful it will become for the Black community. That’s our goal” #teamBFHS


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