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Internet Marketing Training and Free Marketing Webinars [Replays]


Internet Marketing Training and Free Marketing Webinars [Replays]

Internet Marketing Training and Free Marketing Webinars is designed to give you the infomation to stay on top of the Social Media and Internet Marketing game for your business- what you will find is resources to help you do that, mainly Webinars that we found that makes sense for the growth of your business.  All the webinars will feature free content- of course at the end the presenter may make a soft sales pitch- but only purchase if you think it makes sense for the direction you are trying to take your business in- the FREE Content alone can often times- be enough.

Disclaimer: The BFHS Network will be paid a certain percentage of the sale, if you decide to buy... but we are not sharing these free marketing webinars for that sole purpose... the purpose is YOUR Business Growth!

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Price Fixing Scandal Rocks Amazon & The Kindle Marketplace... become a Kindle Celebrity Overnight!

I just got done reading about a price fixing scandal that is currently taking place on Amazon.In short, Amazon is being forced against it's…Continue

Tags: selling ebooks on amazon kindle, sell kindle books on amazon, sell ebooks on kindle, selling ebooks on kindle, how to market ebooks

Started by Ryan ~CEO of the BFHS Network May 16, 2012.

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BestDooz posted a blog post

BestDooz posted a blog post

@bestdooz: Download the HOTTEST mobile app for Hair?

Have you downloaded the HOTTEST mobile app for Hair?Find the Top Stylists & Barbers near you!Upload & share your favorite hairstyles on the GO!Discover Healthy Hair Tips! Free Download on ITunes, Google Play for Android or Amazon! Follow @BFHSNetworkSee More

Arlene Embola posted a blog post

Arlene Embola posted a blog post

@yahwehtrained: A crude understanding... The MisEducation of the Negro is real

SPEND THE TIME TO READ this: Using my lovely inbox as energy! I get asked some stuff that is not even in my radar as I seek to promote The AE System. The MisEducation of the Negro is real. The rape of the Negro is even more REAL. The brutal, violent rape of the woman's beauty, (ALL WOMEN) by the Cosmetic Industry is even much more violent. We have an innovative system that is the foundation of our haircare and skincare. The service received at TransformationSalon de Coiffure is HOLISTIC. Whatever benefits our hair and skin and now FINANCES, is what we use. We spend it anyway, so WHY NOT INVEST IN US? In a scam, you lose. We have a winner, New and Fresh and CLEAN! I have watched our people being used horribly and left with shattered dreams. NOT HERE. THIS TIME IT IS FOR US and all who think BIG, outside and inside the color line, using the very system that has raped us because we wanted to be financially secure in a state where we just now started the race. The pyramid structure is how a capitalist society builds wealth. Pay attention to what is on the bottom holding it up rather than the top. The top with us is God. We build toward promoting His Kingdom. Hear, people! You just have to learn and put your hard earned money in a process that is beneficial and profitable! I Need A Meeting!!!!!!!!! Many people do not know investment; Snake oil from Gold. We are GOLD. Tried and true. Only going UP! This is not a scam or scheme. We use direct sales to maximize OUR, client and salon, benefits. We are not materially wealthy people to invest in wall street, or frankly have the time to wait for someone to die for the insurance or wait out a mutual fund maturation, BUT we have been given a way to secure our children's legacy. A way to stop the Beauty Industry in its tracks! WE LOOK DYNAMITE AND WE HAVE THE EARNING POTENTIAL AS people WAKE UP. This is why I love Rodan and Fields. 60% of their profits come from product use. That's real business. Read about what is a scam. You can only drink so many.... or .....or get discounts for... They peddle and you lose in the long run. That is SAND. I Build On solid. Everybody is about looks. We got the looks. It is solid. We own our shampoo. We own our system. We use what works. We get results. We earn. #randf earns and should! Their products deliver the goods! They are phenomenal and love women succeeding! #straighttalk Now, think about that. #randf Join our salon to be a part of a corporate giant for God. The AE System is His. #truth #support it. Follow @BFHSNetworkSee More

PhellahG posted a blog post

PhellahG posted a blog post

@PhellahG: Facts from the Chronicle - 9/30 Crispus Attucks escaped from slavery | 13 Blacks awarded Congressional Medal of Honor

Today on September 30th,in 1750, Crispus Attucks escaped from slavery. Based on Wikipedia, Historians disagree on whether Crispus Attucks was a free man or an escaped slave; but agree that he was of Wampanoag and African descent.While the extent of his participation is unclear, Attucks became an icon of the anti-slavery movement and was held up as an example of the first black hero of the American Revolution. The other victims of the attack were Samuel Gray and James Caldwell who, like Attucks, died immediately during the attack; Samuel Maverick and Patrick Carr died from their wounds afterward. In the early nineteenth century, as the Abolitionist movement gained momentum in Boston, supporters lauded Attucks as a black American who played a heroic role in the history of the United States. Because Attucks had Wampanoag ancestors, his story also holds special significance for many Native Americans. _________________in 1864, 13 Blacks awarded Congressional Medal of Honor. 13 Blacks awarded Congressional Medal of Honor. The Medal of Honor was created during the American Civil War and is the highest military decoration presented by the United States government to a member of its armed forces. Recipients must have distinguished themselves at the risk of their own life above and beyond the call of duty in action against an enemy of the United States. Because of the nature of this medal, it is commonly presented posthumously. Follow @BFHSNetworkSee More

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Comment by State of the Black Parent on April 6, 2014 at 9:07pm

Hello, I'm Shaunes and scheduling a grassroots event for the third weekend in July.  I am interested in definitely of how to target my audience for the design of this event along the blogtalkradio.


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