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Here is what I need you to do, I, meaning The BFHS Network have a daily newspaper that comes out 2 times a day, called "The Black Folk Hot Spots Daily" and what happens is - it pulls from my list of followers - and I set it up to pull from from The BFHS Network members that I follow(a twitter list, I created a while back), you know the ones that I know are on twitter, as it stands it is about 160 ppl- but I know there is more that is not on the list that should be.  It's actually pretty sweet and it goes through the links that you post- so if you post a link to your business, or a current event, it will pull that link and a partial clip of that story and compile it in newspaper form- and then twice a day it sends out a new version to me and a couple followers that have been featured- and it's free, and it provides exposure because of course people RT it, especially if they are featured in that edition, so then those peoples followers then check it out an RT- and if your story or tweet is in it- then see your info. =VIRAL!

In other words- if I am not following you or you are not following me @gioperation and @bfhsnetwork then do so today- what I need for you to do is mention #teamBFHS our hashtag in a tweet with a little something about your business and a clickable URL so that you can get the extra exposure and I will take it from there- one other thing I would ask for you do- and of course this is free as well, but it helps everyone.  Do a twit search for #teamBFHS and find someone other than yourself and RT anothers #teamBFHS tweet- if you can do that at least 2x daily- not only will it help give you more exposure but now someone will actually RT your info as well to their followers- and we all grow together!  That's the mission right- to grow you business/event or services, right!


#teamBFHS - it will create buzz and before long, you will have more business than you can handle and then you will be forced to hire someone to help you out, which means you now will have a growing business!


Here is a link to the online paper, I am referring to- you might already recognize some of the people featured!  and if you are already being followed by me- then still tweet your something about  the network, your profile maybe on BFHS, directly to your website with the url and tag it with #teamBFHS- and then do a twit search for #teamBFHS and RT someone else- and we grow up!


and lastly, put your twitter name in the comment section so others from the bfhs network can follow you as well!!!


#teamBFHS rocks!


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