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Black Attorneys | Black Lawyers Tips to Protect your Business


Black Attorneys | Black Lawyers Tips to Protect your Business

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Arlene R Wallis posted a blog post

Arlene R Wallis posted a blog post

@Th1kmdm09: Sister Soul!

Music should stir your soul!  Music should move you.  The voice with that music makes you sit straight up and say YAAAAAASSSSSSIR all while feeling warm and welcome and drawn in so far you can’t let go!  That voice belongs to CynDiva Harcum.Born and raised in Baltimore, she got her start at Living Word Ministries. CynDiva tells Lady Blue…..”There was a Friday night youth group (when I was in high school). I am part of a hip/hop collective called Unit Steele, that was birthed then. The leaders of the church felt so strongly about us using our God given gifts and talents that we ended up with a bi-monthly event at a local club/restaurant. We make positive music that even the church folk can groove to.  Her attraction to music is the content.   From a listener’s vantage, I love a good story. I love a good turn of a phrase or creative usage of words, sequences and phrasings.  I listen to almost every genre that there is”. “Music is my life”, says CynDiva.  Having tried in the past to [break up] with music and it was like a terminal illness.  I felt like I was just existing and waiting to die”. She tells Lady Blue that her influence to do music and how music influenced her life is a two-fold question/answer. She discovered her singing voice at age seven, in the front yard, singing hymns with her cousin, Yulonda. That awakened something that she was sure that on some level she knew it was there but didn’t know how to access it. And secondly, her first concert was a Patti LaBelle concert and when she saw her do what she does, the way that she does it… “Baby I knew in the depths of my being that the stage was where I wanted to be, doing that! I knew that I wanted to do that with that kind of honesty and openness”.  Her inspiration to step in front of the mic……Honesty and love are always her inspiration and motivation. She thinks of it as a form of ministry. Therefore she sings messages of love, hope, life, fulfillment, and encouragement.  Trying to bring the good news that there is still love and hope available in this cold cruel world.  Her first single was Say you Will. She was signed to Within Reason, an indie label that no longer exists. Her first professional performance was on a local news station. But she had been singing in church every Sunday for years before that. CynDiva does not feel that her style differs from mainstream music.  “I think that my style of music has the ability to go mainstream. I’m good with that”.   The way that music is made and distributed has been the biggest change. Anyone with a computer or a smart phone can create and distribute music now days. There are no more gate keepers to say what will and won’t go. I believe that is both a blessing and a curse.  Listing her top five fav artists reads like a dream concert:  Only five! she tells me.  Ok, Patti LaBelle, Christen B, Tyrese, Fantasia, and CynDiva.   Can you see it? Lady Blue can!  One of her all time wish list collaborations recently happened and will be on Dreadloc’d Soul Volume 2: Direct Message coming out March 2016. “That collaboration is with Marc Avon Evans, that man can saaaang”. CynDiva would love to collab with any of the people in her top five list, especially Tyrese. She says that  they sound real good together when singing along her car.Her wisdom for the up and coming artists in the DMV area and abroad?  Her primary advice is don’t give up. If you want it, go get it. Study your craft and the business. Don’t be naive in believing that your only part in this is to create the art. You also have to protect the work, your image and your marketing. If you want to make this your career, treat it like a career not just a hobby. Be honest in your work. Say the hard things that may be a life line for someone listening who believes that they are the only ones going through or feeling a certain thing. #DivasaidsoWe can expect plenty from this artist!  She is currently developing a talk show. I think I just found the platform I want to use. I would like to interview you, Lady Blue. Let’s work that out! (Lady Blue is excited)! I am putting together the makings of my t-shirt line. I am still co-hosting The Mellow Mix Radio show. Log on to for details. I am recording Dreadloc’d Soul Volume 2: direct message. I’m dabbling in visual art. For information on any and all things CynDiva head on over to  And there it is folks.  True to her craft and to her dream.  CynDiva Harcum,  a Diva in her own right! ~The Real CynDiva~www.Cyndiva.net on Twitter: @TheRealCynDiva Please tune into “The Mellow Mix” with Shani Elliott, CynDiva, and Trai Chic on: Saturdays from 4-7 pm EST. Sundays 3-6pm Thursday 1pm-4pm EST Follow the show on Twitter: @TheMellowMix Join “The Mellow Mix” Fan Page on Facebook"Support @bfhsnetwork for FREE by doing your Amazon shopping through this link (bookmark it!)"Follow @BFHSNetworkSee More

Anthony Cray posted a blog post

Anthony Cray posted a blog post

@trfreed: World Ventures Gold & Platinum Memberships

Here is my Youtube Video describing some great aspects of the Gold and Platinum World Ventures Memberships...Click on our logo pic here>> "Support @bfhsnetwork for FREE by doing your Amazon shopping through this link (bookmark it!)"Follow @BFHSNetworkSee More

Jerry Isaac posted a blog post

Jerry Isaac posted a blog post

@Isaactours: Omit those other Transportation companies cold Turkey.

Omit those other Transportation companies cold Turkey.Ins and Outs to the Dominican Republic.We're now making it easier than ever to "Design Your Own" transportation with us! Whether it be a romantic escape with your significant other, a fun-filled family getaway, or an eco adventure exploring the Dominican Republic, we can help you plan it all."Support @bfhsnetwork for FREE by doing your Amazon shopping through this link (bookmark it!)"Follow @BFHSNetworkSee More

Calvin D. Ward posted a blog post

Calvin D. Ward posted a blog post

@CalvinDWard: Here are a few tips that network marketers should do!

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