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How many of you are actively authoring a blog related to a business niche or just personal topics? I've been blogging since 2002 and I try to visit as many black blogs as possible in an effort to provide other bloggers with traffic and to share information that I find helpful with my own readers. I have two blogs: and

If you're a black blogger, tell us a little about your blog and many others like myself will visit and provide comments and visibility if appropriate.

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I sent yall the link for one month free from host Gator, use black folk hot spots.

Erica Chism, Stream Cosmetics said:
I liked the layout and the optimized pieces, is it hype?
I see you guys took the challenge- i love it- keep em coming!
I run a small business blog,, where I share a variety of tips that can grow your business. Lately, I've been posting a lot of marketing tips to help out my fellow entrepreneurs. I may cross-post a few articles over here sometime.

@Erica - I do use a WordPress blog, but I haven't tried out the Thesis theme yet. A lot of people promote it, but I think some of them are just out for the affiliate sales. I'm thinking of trying out one of the Thesis child themes on a web design client. If we move forward with it, I'll let you know.

That's great.  That sounds really interesting.  I'll check out your blog. 

Yep. Thesis is one of the best-very robust straight out the box. But I really like Headway. Their visual editor is my best friend :)

Erica Chism, Stream Cosmetics said:
I have 2 blogs related to my own enterprises/ business and it is a religious effort to keep them updated when distractions come up in life and business. One is specifically about my business journey as a Stream Cosmetics Distributor, Http://

My other blog, which was first, details the story of a Corporate Mom Gone Rogue To Work For Herself Http:// The focus of this blog is being shifted to feature interesting business men and women I meet while I am networking who work from home for themselves. I plan to share their stories as well. Share the traffic :) I met so many great entrepreneurs at Spark and Hustle in ATL in July this year. There are a few I really want to feature as soon as Stream slows down... the problem is that Stream is not slowing down so I just need to get it done and written.

I currently use blogger and am planning my next blog to be Word Press based. The next Spark and Hustle is in April and will be in Chicago IL. I want to have the new blog up and ready for all the great interactions and experiences I want to share related to the conference.

Question: Is Wordpress "Thesis" worth the money or is there a free template that rocks just as much? Opinions welcome :)
Loving the responses and checking out all the blogs. Who's still out there looking for a little visibility for their blog?
@Dequiana and @Felecia Thanks for the Thesis feedback. :) Good insight.
Hello, my name is Alexis Nelson and my company is A Mom Who Understands, LLC. I'm a black blogger and the name of my blog is ASK LEX. I am a Certified Life Coach and my discussions include all areas of life (family, relationships, self-esteem, motherhood,ect.)that can enhance the personal development of all individuals. My goal is to help all live life on purpose, and to remind them that they are worth it. I offer 1 free life coaching consultation to those who want to take it a step further.

Live Life On Purpose, Your Worth It!!!!
Alexis Nelson MSW, Certified Life Coach
A Mom Who Understands, LLC
I actively blog and write about weddings and events. I give advice, review events, share trends and tips with my readers.

Thank you
Sharon Patrice
i don't blog as much as I use to but Wayne Sutton did a piece on 28 black bloggers you should know during black history month it was awesome.

Hey gang, Frank Coleman here.
I have a couple of blogs out here; one business blog with travel tips and a business opportunity in the travel industry. I converted it from a personal ministry blog so you'll see some ministry stuff in the archives:

I also have a couple ministry blogs:

I also produce a weekly collection of articles gleaned from numerous magazines, mostly geared to "Men's Ministry:"

Stop by and leave a comment.

See Ya!

I recently started a blog about personal issues/topics.


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