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Tired feet can occur due to a number of conditions, but are characterized by feelings of fatigue and achiness anywhere in the foot area. The causes of tired feet may vary, but often include:

•Abnormal foot structure that overburdens the foot


•Improperly fitting footwear


•Swollen legs

 •Increased activity level

 Symptoms of Tired Feet: 

  When you suffer from tired feet, you may feel fatigue in the muscles of your feet and ankles. Additionally, you may feel achy or sore sensations in these same areas. The pain and fatigue may worsen with frequent or overuse.

Recommended Treatments for Tired Feet:

  Wearing support hosiery from a brand like Shape To Fit can alleviate the discomfort of tired feet, but since the causes of the condition are so varied, there are many other means of treatment and prevention. Some of these include:

 •Take frequent breaks if you need to be on your feet for extended periods of time

 •Gently massage your feet

 •Elevate your feet at least 12 inches above your heart several times a day

•Wear properly-fitting and supportive footwear

 Shape to Fit Products for Tired Feet

 Shape to Fit offers a variety of products to help treat tired feet, including:

 •Shape to Fit Support Hosiery

 •Dr. Comfort shoes for men and women

•Supportive inserts for all types of footwear

 •Comfortable, cushioned socks  

 Combine any of these products to alleviate the pain and discomfort of tired feet. Get relief from Shape To Fit products today. Available at &

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