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@gioperation: Free "Think and Grow Rich" Ebook for the BFHS Network Members and others that want to Break Away from the "Rat Race"

I know I talk about the best book next to the bible that I had ever read and that book is called "Think and Grow Rich" I stay in this book, because honestly- it's a reason that this book that was published I believe back in 1937... have sold over 30 million copies and God only knows how many times this book at been re-sold and loaned out to others as well as what I am about to do and offer the PDF of ThinkAndGrowRich.pdf to any members of the BFHS Network as well as Potential New Members (click here to apply)


Below you will find a PDF Version of "Think and Grow Rich" that you can download and save on your computer.


Thanks and continue doing good stuff! and please leave a quick comment so bump this thread up to the top after you read this  and or download the ebook pdf- thanks!




BTW... if you would like to own your own copy cause you like to flip pages then I would suggest that you go to Amazon dot com where you can get this book for $10.  Get the Book Here or the MP3 Hereand support the BFHS Network at the same time- thanks!


The BFHS Network's Preferred online Retailer is
UPDATE STORY 7/8/11:  I ran into this guy at the gas station the other day... he told me that 10 years I told him something that changed his life forever and then went on to tell me what is doing now... I was so excited and had goosebumps listening to him speak about his current life and his past life- and his wife just shaking her head saying Ryan it was a blessing to meet you 10 years ago... This is the book that I firmly suggested he read! {and if you know me, it went a little something like this "Frank, you gotta read this book... or I have no more answers for you"}  I can't wait to hear your success can post it here, thanks!

As the old saying goes... "if you break it, you bought it" so "if you look at this, please share this" using the buttons below that connects with your Social Networks whether it's twitter, facebook or another- they will appreciate it, just like The BFHS Network does- thanks for sharing!!!

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Greatness Is Upon You!

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Thanks Ryan this is awesome!!
you are welcome, I have a few more that I will post over the next few days!

Vee said:
Thanks Ryan this is awesome!!
for sure... I try to read it at least once a year- reading it right now for 2011!  I'm seriously thinking about not doing/talking business with people who have not read this book... it's funny because I can typically tell who has read it and who hasn't- damn at least read a couple chapters:)

Bahiyah Shabazz,MBA said:

I've read this book multiple times. Now I can always have it on my laptop. Thanks Ryan!!!


Be Inspired!

Bahiyah Shabazz

Vic Johnson is giving copies away of this book too for $4.59 shipping.   They have an upsell but you don't have to get anything else.  Love this book.


Want a Free Think and Grow Rich Book?
It's Already Created a Million Millionaires
I've Got a Copy Reserved For You At

 I borrowed  this book once and had to give it back, now I have my very own copy. Thank you Ryan.

You are an Awesome Brotha!! Appreciate ya!

Thank you... just trying to go my part!

Thank you so much. I have read this book and it is very enlightening and uplifting. It tells us how we have the power to have the life we want.  That is freeing, 'cause when you love yourself your going to want the best for yourself and now to know it's up to you and you CAN DO IT.  Yeaaaaa

Hey Ryan,

   This is a large mouthful of info.  I have swallowed it thoroughly.  I am definitely going to add this book to my

library of other books.  Thanks for the info guy!



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