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Introducing Debbie Cunningham aka Ms. Scripter- @For_the_masses is calling for your attention!!! [Share]

Debbie Cunningham aka Ms. Scripter, is the founder of For-The-Masses which started after receiving an idea from a friend that she should expand her Face Book status updates into a blog or journalistic format. By taking it one step further she used that idea by teaming up with a few friends, and other writers with different ideas who also needed more room to voice their opinion on various issues without having to worry about word usage limits. Also, by dedicating a forum for up and coming artist and minority owned businesses and spot lighting them, we are in a way giving back as well.  Making fun of celebrities, bringing awareness to social issues, critiquing music, movies, sports, and giving out helpful advice was also part of that equation. The the main focus was building a positive community even if you disagree with what we have to say.

Serious issues are also discussed as well especially in the politics/news section, overall it's a place full of entertainment and I'm sure you won't be disappointed concerning the contents.  We encourage discussion and even welcome you to challenge us on our many strong opinions. We also teamed up with Christian Dior’s who posts regualry podcasts that includes some of the latest music. The team has various writing styles which are full of sarcastic one liners. We critique everything (even going overboard at times), which either may annoy you or just make you laugh. If you enjoy the content don’t hesitate to share it on your Face Book, Twitter, Myspace pages, etc.

If you’re interested in joining the writing, editing team, have a topic you want us to tackle, want to spotlight an aspiring artist/entrepreneur, any upcoming events you want us to announce, or just want to complain about your favorite celebrity or sports player, or team that we picked on, then just drop us a line at :)


Twitter Name: @For_the_masses

Debbie Cunningham

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Hi, Debbie.  What you are doing is very inspiring.  

It would be great if you would place a link to this blog on your site. 

I interview small business owners, so there is some overlap and synergy with what we do. 

All the best,


Hi Zhana, sorry I'm just seeing this. Trying to get used to this site. I will add your blog as an affiliate. Talk to you soon.

Take Care,


Hello, Debbie!

I could definitely use some hype about my resume business which has been around since 2002. My mother, 81, and I (55) work together. She is a PhD in Education (retired) and I am a lawyer (international law, but only work part-time for a couple of clients while I finish up a novel in the making for as long as our company has been around).  We serve the country, but reside in New England, and yes, we are both Black :)

You can email us a t - My name is Ginny. Our website is



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