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Small Business Solutions: eblast Services to Promote your business/service to up to 100,000+ starting at $50 today! [introductory pricing]

Here is your opportunity to jump start your business or events by giving your business a little shot of steroids, over the last few years, not only has The BFHS Network built one of the best Networking Sites for Black Business Owners and Event Host- we have have  built a following that wants to know what your business is doing- why not tell them  today starting @ $50!!! $75 for non-members of The BFHS Network


Here is what we need: 

  • Catchy Title with the location of your business
  • Text Description- Who, What Why, How, Where
  • Images up to 3 you would like displayed in the blast or one video and one logo!
  • Twitter name (optional) but please if you are on twitter you really should include it!!!
  • 3 keywords for your business
  • please and please, make sure to include your website and a phone #:)
  • To track your response from us, please either include a BFHS Network call to action with Discount or a specialty -tracking  code- if you don't know how, we will tell you how to do it- thanks!

If you having a event or business special - we recommend you use Ticket Leap- they get social media, just like us v. using Event Brite- but if you would like to use Event Brite(we will not bite your head off), but we are warning you that Ticket Leap is the best to use right now- subject to change!


Here is what you will get from The BFHS Network- you will receive at least one eBlast which also goes through our social network of almost 18,000 from all angles, Facebook, Fan Page, Twitter, LinkedIn and well as placement post on our Network to catch some of our google traffic we average over 30K hits a month just to this site, and we are not even talking about our others- on a avg day, we are getting more than 60K views to the BF HS Network! So Lets just call the search engine trafffic a gift that keeps on giving as we know once it's on the internet, it's always there!  We will send you the link to the Blast so that you can share with your network as well, why not? and you can also bookmark it to see how you rank inside google and the other search engines as I provide updates on regular basis!

Email, Social Network + First Page listing on Google and the other search engines as of 7/20/12:

We have done this so many times, we feel safe in saying that you will have a first page ranking on google and the other search engines- that's a bonus that is worth more than $50 in itself! Ask yourself this 1 Question, how much would you pay to have the number one slot on the 1st page of google for your Niche or at least a top 5 listing!  I bet a lot more than $50 bucks! If you are NOT a member of The BFHS Network, that cost is $75 plus your get good quality backlinks to your web presense which will boast your online ratings from a PR 4 site!

Market Stats:
Female 65%  
Male 32%
other 3%


Females/Males 25-34 = 28.5% 

Females/Males 35-44 = 46%

Females/Males 45-54 = 13.2% 

The Rest 12.3%

Our Top 13 cities that we have the biggest footprint in are the following... Chicagoland, Indianapolis, Issaquah Wa, Atlanta, Kansas City, Dallas, NYC, Waterloo On, Minneapolis, DC, Los Angeles, San Diego and Houston!


Send an email to with the above 7 things we need to get started and pay the invoice from paypal...and we are good to go, if you prefer a date and time for the blast to go out- then specify that, The BFHS Network will try to make arrangements for that, but no promises, because we know from experience when we get the best open rates, most companies send in the dark, we send with science!


-What will it be today? Send us an email, thanks!  or call 219.512.9910

The fine print: but not so fine because we don't have anything to hide... There is always the chance that people will hate your business and never do business with you or they simply just ain't interested in your product- that doesn't mean that The BFHS Network failed you!!! That simply means, that it might make more sense to try something different- or it just ain't the right time, so like if you are selling ugg boots in the will probably net 0 Sales unless your product is discounted greatly...uhh because it's summer in most states and countries! You can't blame me for that, if you do I will hunt you down:)  just kidding!  but you get my point! ah yeah.. and we reserve the right to say no to your business if we feel that it doesn't mix with our market!



Have you sent that email off to yet?


We have concluded that it is time for you to take advantage one of the awesomeness deals on the Internet today!!! before WE come to our senses- we only have a limited # that we are doing each day... and we only have 6, 5, 3 more slots left for TODAY!


Invest in your business today!!!


*= Double Investment Amount for non-members of the BFHS Network- and yes you can join first- Join the BFHS Network Here


"Support @bfhsnetwork for FREE by doing your Amazon shopping through this link (bookmark it!)"


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Thanks little adopted adopted sis... please send an email to with your copy and 3-5 photos that you would like to use- and be sure to include a call to action- thanks!

Today is a good day to add some extra sauce to your business or events- follow the simple steps above to make it happen!
Secret Sauce added!

Hello Ryan what is your email I'm intersested to I also I have two books to promote.So could you send me excatly what I need to get in on this...Or leave me a good time to call and speak with you so I can take advantage of this offering.


Thank you,

Author Ericka

all that I need is included in this the above post you can email me those things to and call me @ 219-512-512-9910 thanks! let rock and roll!
tomorrow on monday the 1st of august I will update the connection count!

Update 8/1/11 We now have 17,833 connections- that want to see what you guys have to offer!


Just sent info, please forward payment link---thanks!

coming very soon 2day!
I just donated for a blast that was sent regarding my event for November 12th. Please let me know what is needed to get my event more exposure. I am looking to get the more ticket sales and I am hoping this will work to assist with that. I would like to send you the actual flyer for my event for some reason it would not upload when I setup the event so I had to take a picture of the flyer. I do not want that picture to be blasted. I will await your response.
you want it featured or blasted?
I believe we will get better coverage if we get blasted. I guess at first I was not sure what would give me the best coverage but now that I am reading through everything it seems like the blast is the best way to go. I will email the info soon and can you send me the invoice for the $10. How long will my info stay on the page and google since my event is not until Nov. 12th I want to make sure that it will seen for at least four weeks.


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